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Moderation is necessary to preserve the exemplary 'tone' of the majority of your discussions.
Can we have an assuarance that moderation will not lead to a censorship of genuine, appropriately expressed viewpoints?

Tim Montgomerie

That's right Dennis. I'm not intending to censor views - only stop incivility and personal nastiness between commentators.

Teddy Bear

I'm quite happy to have moderation on this site to maintain the 'tone, but it's now 11pm and the last comment posted was at 1.30pm. If you take so long to approve comments and responses then I think you're going to lose interest in posting here.

Tim Montgomerie

Sorry Teddy Bear. I'm currently travelling in the USA with Sam Coates and moderation has been far too slow. There'll be a much faster approval service from now on. Thanks for your patience.

Teddy Bear

Cheers Tim, thanks for letting us know. Have a great and rewarding trip.

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That is just right to have for there are too many spammers around.

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