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Frankly I think the fact of his acting career is being overplayed. It might help him with TV couch-potatoes but he's getting votes largely from conservatives who are not known for image over substance. His policy views and unabashed demeanor are what is driving his popularity. I like him, but my bottom line is the Republican most likely to beat the chosen Dem.


A point of clarification, Thompson was in politics long before he began acting. He's Howard Baker's protege`.

He has recently posted over at Redstate

Ron Paul for President

The true Reagan candidate is Rep Ron Paul of Texas. He advocates limited government, demands lower taxes, is a Christian and supports restrictions on abortion.

It is, however, not surprising that he is ignored by Thompson by Donal Blaney. Ron is the only Republican candidate to have consistently opposed the Iraq war and voted against the PATRIOT Act as an attack by Bush and Cheney on civil liberties.

Guiliani is an authoritarian yet liberal adulterer. Gingrich is a war-mongering adulterer who wants to attack Iran. McCain is closet Democrat and nearly defected in 2001. Romney is an unprincipled flip-flopping hyprocrite.

Thompson may be the last hope of the neo-conservative cabal (confirmed by his support for pardoning Scooter Libby) that has hijacked the Republican party.

Donal Blaney

Time to remember Reagan's eleventh commandment, Ron Paul for President: "Never Speak Ill of a Fellow Conservative".

Ron Paul for President

I have not broken the commandment, only stating the facts, Donal.

It is a fact that Guiliani and Gingrich are self-confessed adulterers. McCain's advisers negotiated his defection with senior Democrats. Romney was a pro-abortion liberal until he decided to run for President.

Perhaps you could point out any factual errors. True Conservatives are not adulterers and do not defect to the Democrats so I have not broken the Reagan commandment.

Donal Blaney

We will have plenty of time to discuss all of the candidates from both parties over the coming weeks - including Ron Paul himself. Can you stick to this particular candidate, Fred Thompson, for now? What about Thompson, apart from his personal life, do you find so objectionable so that reasonable people reading this discussion might be able to come to a conclusion based on dispassionately presented facts rather than personal abuse?


Thompson may well get the most votes from conservative voters but he is not Ronald Reagan. He does not have Reagan's experience in government.

Reagan was a governor of California who, by most accounts, was pretty successful. He tried once for the Republican nomination and failed. He later won the nomination and became a two term president.

Thompson was a one term senator. Mind you he was a one term senator because he believed in limited tenure and, unlike some who espouse this, stood by his word and did no seek re-election.


I haven't heard he's an adulterer, yet, nor is he considered a "true" Christian. I've never considered such purity requisites for a real Conservative either.

He's strong on curbing illegal immigration, hasn't bought into global warming which amounts to selling us out, believes we should not set an arbitrary deadline for troop withdrawal in Iraq: good points in my book for starters.

Ron Paul for President

Steevo, I said that GUILIANI and GINGRICH were adulterers. There are doubts about whether Thompson is a Christian.

Thompson has limited senatorial experience. Before that he was a lobbyist for foreign companies. Without much of track record in office, it is difficult to truly his stance on key issues, especially on the economy.

Thompson was also McCain's campaign co-Chairman in 2000. It is unlikely that he will run against his close friend and would be a logical running mate for McCain.

Opinion polls suggest that Thomspon would lose to Clinton and Obama. I cannot see him running.


I know, I didn't say you said he's an adulterer, I guess I should have been more specific.

You have implied fidelity and Christian faith as requirements for a true Conservative, or... Reagan conservative. Not sure what the difference is? My point Ron Paul for President is that they are not requirements.

In so far as not having as much prior experience as an elected representative, well it is very significant why he left. That speaks of substantial character most who have served cannot match. Personally I don't like anything close to a career-minded politician.

The polls now are too premature but as I said I'm only going with the one who has the best chance to beat the chosen Dem. BTW you should be more honest here, Ron Paul wouldn't even come close to beating either one at this point in polling.

Ron Paul for President

Being a Christian is not a requirement per se but a non-Christian will have difficulty getting the Christian vote out.

Ron Paul is being deliberately ignored by the pro-war media. I do not expect him to win the nomination. The Republican Party establishment opposed him returning to the House after he ran for President as the Libertarian Party's candidate.

I am supporting Ron Paul because I share his politics and admire his consistent pro-liberty voting record. A friend who used to work with him says that he is a man of honesty and integrity.



Please give up with this "pro-war media".
Most media in this country are against the war and they make no bones about being critical of the President.


So Ron can I guess you are against monitering terrorists and for a ban on abortion?

You seem to have your priorities backwards, a pro-liberty candidate supports a woman's right to chose and the governments right to stop terrorists.

Ron Paul for President

Davod, Ron Paul is the only Republican congressman to vote against the Iraq War. He been critical of President Bush on the war, the PATRIOT Act (sic), extraordinary rendition, the deficit, government spending, tariffs and several other issues.

If we give up the fight, the neo-conservatives will destroy traditional American conservatism (as espoused by Russell kirk, Richard Weaver and Robert Nisebet) permanently.


"Ron Paul is the only Republican congressman to vote against the Iraq War. He been critical of President Bush on the war, the PATRIOT Act (sic), extraordinary rendition, the deficit, government spending, tariffs and several other issues."

Sounds like a Dhimmicrat, votes like a Dhimmicrat...

Not to mention he's a coward whose foreign policy would consist of begging our enemies to leave us alone.


Do we want another actor in Downing Street ?


Yes, Truly Ron Paul is the only Reagan Candidate in this election, Paul and only Paul will be able to bring the U.S. back to respect in the world, don't believe me, I don't care, do the research yourself. Just youtube him, Thompson is a chump.

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