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I'm not typical of the liberal/Left who believe a person with religious convictions about life cannot or should not preach of the relationship with politics (tho that only applies to Christians and orthodox Jews, not Muslims) but you better at least be able to take responsibility for adverse reactions within your society that do more harm than good. He may have caused many of faith to come together but he also caused many, many to despise Christians and traditional values. I don't disrespect him because although he changed tactics as our country changed he still believed what he preached, accepted a fairly modest life and was correct at times about who to fear and who to befriend. But I think his "Moral Majority" was stupid or at best ill-conceived, not to mention it was not a majority. Christians cannot allow themselves to take a stance in which they clearly appear holier than thou. Falwell did not care to understand that the way our society had evolved you just can't start telling us we're going to hell. I think even most lay Christians understood that. It could be argued that unfortunately part of his legacy now is we have many prominent televangelists who either don't have a clue or just don't care as long as enough are duped into supporting them. Given a choice I can understand a preference for porn.

He is highly controversial. We have never been a Christian nation but instead lived an outward adherence to biblical morality and basic Judeo/Christian ethic until a generation or two ago, as well as a belief in principle of the sovereignty of individual rights under his/her Creator.

"What many of Falwell's critics find so offensive is the idea that religious ideals - particularly those in the Judeo-Christian tradition - should help shape our politics. That secularizing approach, so popular in so much of Europe, does not appear to be producing more humane or just societies." SO VERY TRUE.

Simon Newman

This was an interesting piece and thought-provoking. I always disliked Falwell and his advocacy, being a fairly liberal type myself, but the (mostly American) Christian religious right has made some major positive contributions I think - "their impressive advocacy on behalf of international human rights is widely respected. No constituency has fought harder for peace in Sudan, for laws against the sexual trafficking of women, or for America’s global AIDS policy" is all true.

What's particularly notable to me is that their motivation is based on a notion of genuine equality and respect between people, derived from their religion, that is very different from the patronising views of the secular cultural-Marxist elites.

ALan Berry

I knew Falwell personaly. I spent qyuite a bit of time with him. Privately, he was a very humble, gracious and kind man. He and I would often eat at various resteraunts. One of his favorites was Craker Barrel. When we would eat there, he would shake hands with nearly everyone in the resteraunt. He loved to be around people. He did not hate those he disagreed with. He simply believed the things he preached - that Jesus Christ is the only true salvation and that sin would destroy lives. He wanted everyone to believe that.

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