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National Review (very pro-Romney):

"He also promised the auto industry $20 billion in federal investment, along with relief from mileage standards and burdensome employee health-care costs."

Simply depends on how you define "subsidy." I'd say Buckinghamshire Tory has a good point.

P.S. I'm Virginian.

Yet Another Anon

I really don't understand how so many Tories could support Barack Obama, who is considerably farther to the left than Hillary Clinton.
The word support though was used in the sense of vote, so many might have expressed what would be a tactical vote possibly to put what they thought would be the candidate easier to beat, actually I think John McCain would beat either of them, I don't think either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would be a good President although I think both intend well - while Barack Obama is naive on the War in Iraq and somewhat more favourable to Big Government he is at least somewhat genuine in his positions, Hillary Clinton is very shifty and far more likely to play politics with people's lives - people who supporting her are in many cases backing her because they believe that Bill Clinton will be a prominent force in her decision making, but I think that she has very much her own agenda and that it is actually much less clear than Bill Clinton who for all his faults did hold clear political principles.

Simon R

Much as I love Conhome, I feel I must point out that a survey of its readers (those who chose to take part) is hardly representative of broader conservative opinion. That being the case, your headline is rather misleading.

Out of interest, did you include in your survey results those who said they were Conservative supporters, or only those who said they were members?

Owen D

16% of "UK Tories" would vote for the Democrats over the Republicans... Perhaps one should suggest to these 16% that they find a new nest, Labour or the Lib-Dems may be a more fitting venue for supporters of Democrat 'liberalism'.

Why in God's name be a member of the Conservative Party and then promote an openly unconservative ideology?

maggie watts

Get over it. McCain is the nominee and I would like him to pick Huckabee or Romney as Veep, not that it matters but he is old and having one of them would be comforting. This Obama thing is ridiculous. Yes he is inspiring but has missed his calling. A preacher, much like King. You call Americans naive. This man will change the world all right and we will be a lower power instead of a superpower and so will Europe if he is elected. Beware of your enthusiasm Europe


I support the Tories in the UK and consider that they are the only practical choice for government. On the other hand I have no doubt that Obamah will make a great President and he will repair the damage that the Bush Presidencies have caused to the reputation of the USA in the rest of the world.

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On most of the important subjects in American politics, he has been on both sides of the argument at one point or another.

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