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Hilary B

And now we read that Labour here is thinking of getting Howard Dean over for the "mid-terms" in Scotland and Wales.

I can hear it now:

"We're going to Shotts and Oban and Aberdeen and West Kilbride and New Lanark. We're going to Carnoustie and Turiff and Portree and Newtown St Boswells! And then we're going to Charlotte Square and we're going to take back Bute House! YEAGH"

Classic. Can't wait.


The Cowboy Capitalist

First Al Gore and now Howard Dean. I would be even more enthusiastic about Labour's suicidal idea of a recruitment drive if I didn't think the Cameron would have loved to have Dean on board aswell.


Strangely absent from this analysis is the alarming news that Minnesota has elected the first Muslim to Congress.

I wondered what happened to Howard
"I Have a Scream" Dean during the Midterms. Now I see. He was muzzled and shipped off to Britain. That'll do wonders for our "special relationship".


lol atheling!

Yes - Mr. Ellison of the Nation of Islam (Calypso Louis Farrakhan is the leader) - was elected in Minnesota. He didn't like talking about the Nation of Islam thing too much during the campaign. His supporters were yelling 'Allah Akbar' at his victory speech. Yeee haw!


And he'll be sworn in on the Koran. Swearing in on the Koran to uphold the Unites Staes Constitution...

That is just off the scale with the irony meter.


Argh! I meant United States Constitution!

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