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I'm not sure that Santorum losing was a "terrible defeat for conservatives." Some of Santorum's views werebeyond the pale even for right wing Republicans and I think that the result in Penn was a triumph for tolerance and open mindedness.


Virginia is going to be won by Webb, unless Glenn demands a recount. If you look at the Virginia State Elections Website (http://sbe.virginiainteractive.org/) you can calculate that there are only around 3784 votes left to be counted, and Webb is leading Glenn by 7146 votes...

I can't find the equivalent page for Montana yet...

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Ok, just realised I read the page wrong, which doesn't actually specify total votes AND counted votes. However I'm watching CNN who are reporting that there are only a maximum of 400 ballots left to count. Voting officials have also been found to have possibly wrongly attributed 2000 votes to Webb, and they are being reviewed as we speak.


Rick Santorum is not a conservative; he's a dangerous fundamentalist. Conservatives should be trying to defend America's historic freedoms, rather than trying to restrict what consenting adults can get up to in the bedroom.

Scott Green

Politically, Rove aimed for a far-reaching realignment of American politics, designed to entrench republican hegemony for a generation. All he succeeded in doing was losing the House and possibly the senate for the first time in 12 years. His over reliance on wedge issues has reduced the once grand GOP coalition to a narrow ideological rump.

On the world stage, the attempt to circumvent the rules-based system of global governance in the run up to the Iraq war has left American power more widely distrusted and America more isolated than ever, her enemies emboldened and the alliance system in tatters.

And don't get me started on the pork-barrel buffet or the trillion dollar deficit.... call that what you want, but it isn't conservatism.

Unless and until the pragmatic, centrist tradition in the Republican party asserts itself, removes this malignant ideological growth and returns the GOP to its best traditions, the broader conservative agenda of sound finance, small government and low taxes will remain a chimera.


Democrats have taken Virginia according to AP and Reuters. Game, set match to the Democrats I'm afraid by the looks of it. A Spokesperson close to Allen has said that the senator is not intending to drag this out, and therefore will most likely not be challenging the result. (http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/11/08/election.main/index.html)

Oliver McCarthy

When it comes to American politics I'm less of a geek than many people I know. I don't have every single episode of The West Wing on DVD, but then again my twin brother does.

There's a certain flight from reality here, I fear. So far President Bush has used his veto only once, and that was against a Bill to chop up unborn babies and turn them into medicine. And the most damaging scandal to hit the Republicans in the House recently was over their complicity in the predations of Rep Mark Foley on teenage boys.

In places where baby-killing, boy-molesting pseuds are running against pro-gun, pro-Bible "Blue Dog" Democrats, the Republicans were bound to do badly. I don't despair of them yet, to be honest, because John McCain is now in with a very real chance in 2008 --and by then Nancy Pelosi will have reminded most Americans of various reasons why they don't want a screaming mad leftwing bitch like Hillary to be the most powerful person on the planet (again!).

To try to scapegoat Rick Santorum is short-sighted, and says more about the ideals (and morals) of his attackers than about political realities in the modern USA.

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