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"Lamont has spent $12m of his own money on his bid to be Senator but, for once, money won’t determine a US election."

There is an interesting chapter in Freakonomics which illustrates that money hardly ever determines US elections. Just thinking back, the record of Ross Perot, Steve Forbes, and Michael Huffington would also appear to confirm this.

Jack Bauer

The leftist moonbats you mention are most certainly NOT "uncompromisingly civil libertarian"

Quite the opposite, in fact.


So very true Jack. It is a myth and at this point a joke. It was kinda hard for me to believe what I was reading here and I have to say there should be no excuse. Our hard Left (Democratic wing) is for all intent the exact opposite of that of the 60s. They are completely intolerant toward any and all who deviate from their interpretation of the party line. Simply put, those of us who are not in agreement should have no right and you can take that any way you want, as long as its bad. They are anti-anything conservative values, institutions and government and pro-Leftwing government control. Most Libertarians here have little in common with the Left and many things in common with Conservatives. Its long past due to have any lingering notion our core-base Democrats stand for 'civil liberties'.

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