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Oh right, another Tory blog land grab then...:P


"Oh right, another Tory blog land grab then...:P"


Lionel Albert

Maybe the ultimate bad news is from California where Schwarzenegger just got re-elected in a landslide by doing what Tory leader David Cameron is doing in England: adopt every single cockamamie idea of his (USDemocrat/UKLabour) opponents.


Global warming? Global warming???

Not a word on Islamic Terrorism. Yet you talk of a theory on global warming.

Not a sentence on Europe's declining population, and the imminent takeover by Islam. Yet you talk of a theory on global warming.

Please, get serious.


Pardon, you did say the word "terrorists" in Iraq and Afghanistan. What of the ones in London?

David Blue

I'm glad this site exists. A serious split between the United States and the United Kingdom would be very unwelcome for any sensible conservative Australian.

We cannot remake ourselves successfully as an Asian or Muslim nation. Samuel P. Huntington had a chapter in The Clash Of Civilizations And The Remaking Of World Order on why that was a hopeless idea. We have to go on, and succeed or fail in the world, as who we are, with the permanent natural friends that we have.

We cannot have ourselves founded by a different country and give ourselves different unique ties.

We also can't move ourselves out of the South Pacific, where, post-Singapore, the only power that will certainly remain friendly and really counts is America.

If the United States and the United Kingdom remain in harmony, so do our history and culture and our strategy and our future remain in harmony. If they go separate ways, that's bad.

Not that I get a vote, but I vote for solidarity, not divorce, in the Anglo-American marriage. In the face of all opposition and frustation, keep trying.


atheling2: Looking at your comments I'm wondering if there is any way of building bridges you. This is a site interested in how Britain and America can work together in the global war on terror and your comments have been relentlessly negative.

David Blue: Thanks for your encouragement! I was in Australia in August and my '18 Doughty Street Talk TV' interview with John Howard may be of interest to you - please see here. There's a man who understands what is at stake in the war on terror.


Living in Fascist China, I'm glad to see blogs like this doing its bit to galvanise and encourage the establishment of what Churchill called for in Fulton exactly 60 years ago. If we don't get our act together and defend the values that have made us great, we will soon find ourselves in a world very much like that in the 30s, having to kowtow to China and appease Russia.

Brian Duensing

I just want to say that I love the British.
Everytime we get in a jam they are there. Anytime we get into a fight they are there to fight beside us. They are awesome ! ! ! Everyone should buy their products, and visit there. Spend your money with our closest friends. Thanks Brits for all that you have done.


As an American, I have to say that I'm happy to see this blog. The British people developed the concept of individual liberty and free enterprise that we value so much; Britain is the source of our political philosophy, economic philosophy, legal system and culture. We are proud to have the British standing with us in the fight to save and maintain the gem that is Western Civilization. I'm proud to call your people our "cousins".


Best of luck to you, my distant cousin! This American has always had a fondness for the UK. We've seen darkness come and go before, and we'll see it again, together.


Fantasitc site, awesome ad. Only one question, re: your logo: what's the donkey doing on the right?- Sue


There is an insidious MacCarthyism in the way that sites like this equate being non-American with being anti-American. Why don't you just call yourself Republicans Abroad, UK branch? Nothing wrong with that, just more honest.

Nobody in the Western world seriously advocates a world without America. There is a difference between having respect and admiration for the United States and a cultural cringe.

I grew out of the latter (I once had a picture of Newt Gingrich on my study wall) but people like James Delingpole (he of the American values and British teeth) have not, fantasising about Britain being in ''Nam'!

There is an annual event that makes me eternally grateful for the US, and particularly its popular culture - the Eurovision Song Contest. However, if you saw the BBC comedy series 'Absolute Power', have a look at the ads in which viewers are asked to imagine what life would be like if Switzerland were the world's superpower. It's scary, and much more effective than your silly ad.

Juan Albion

You guys do know the difference between 'America' and the 'United States of America', right?


Congratulations on the development of your site, i think any avenues for discourse should be supported.

On the subject of 'World without America'

We may have Coca-Cola to be grateful for however we would still have

1. 2.5 million Vietnamese people/ 58,000 US Soldiers
2. A functioning climate( 25% of global carbon emissions)
3. Normal waistlines ( Fast food nation)
4. 1.3 million Iraqi's/ 3200 US soldiers (Current War and sanctions)
5. The belief that great statesmen have inspired, principled minds (George W Bush)

The list could go on and on.

Before the accusations surface, I am no anti-american, I can acknowledge and rejoice in the great things American inovation and popular culture have brought to the world, but I'm unwilling to ignore the detrimental effects on the world caused by America's determination to defend it's perceived strategic interests worldwide.
I think the advert is a touch skewed but in PR terms it's touching.

maggie watts

Can someone explain to me what they are doing in Britain regarding Sharia Law and how it is being incorporated in to British Law. I saw the head of the church today speaking about it. Can you fill me in more, anyone.

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