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As the ERM was a catalyst for Major's government losing public confidence it was Hurricane Katrina which exposed the incompetence of the administration and from which Bush & the Republicans have not recovered. The scandals (cash & sex), the failures over Iraq, lack of attention to delivery are all now weighed against an administration which showed itself incapable of responding to a major domestic disaster fast enough or competently enough.

Oliver McCarthy

LOL! What a lot of politicians by the name of Foley seem to be interested in young boys!

Of course the Mark Foley scandal was the biggest problem to hit the Republicans. In most of the scandals involving money the Democrats were just as involved as the Republicans. And on Iraq the Democrats have no alternative policy, whatever Nancy Pelosi may say.

The tendency now will be to scapegoat Bush himself. The man who engineered the wins in 2000, 2002 and 2004 will now be blamed for the bust as well. (Somewhat bizarrely there have been some on this blog who have tried to scapegoat Rick Santorum of all people. Just make sure your man's down before you kick him, I suppose.)

McCain looks all set up to be the Republicans' saviour, as far as I can see. How Mrs Clinton can expect to win after two years of Nancy & Co running the show I have no idea. And as for Barak Obama being her running mate... Bring it on!


F.Y.I -- Tom Foley was not the congressman texting nastygrams to the pages. Tom Foley left congress years ago -- It was Mark Foley. You might want to correct this.

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