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The Orator

People who fear that the south and the christian right wont vote for Giuliani underestimate the electorate fail to understand conservative voter's instincts.

A bigot will see bigotry. That is to say an elitist NYT reader will see the homophobia before they see the reason behind conservative voting tendencies.

"God, guns and gays" has become "God, guns and guts" and rightly so because it reflects the thinking behind original mantra. If a politican openly supports gay rights as something that need to be defended above and beyond everyone else's rights, then they are seen to me caving in in order to please others. It's a litmus test. "If he sides with them he must be a bit soft" they say. They dont actually care about the gay-rights thing, they just dont want to vote for a wimp.

Everyone knows that Giulianni is no wimp. He kicks butt and has been seen to kick butt by everyone accross the entire American political spectrum. He's a Rebublican Superstar (my capitals). They dont actually care that much about what he does at home, just as they didn't care about W's well documented drink and drug abuse.

Giuliani is the next US president and the conservative media need to stop supporting one-time loser McCain. It's too late for him to start supporting the war now. Just like it's too late for Cameron to start supporting the Union. The damage to his butt kicking rep has already been done.


Quite right, Mr Orator. Giuliani is obviously the biz. The only worry about him has got to be how he evaluates his chances vis-a-vis Hillary. Last time, although his reasons for withdrawing were perfectly valid, there is a sense in which people felt he bottled it.

The Orator

I'm afraid I dont know anything about Giuliani's previous attempts to run for prez, if that is what you are getting at aristeides. Would not have a clue, sorry. Maybe you could give us the gist of what happened here. I'd appreciate it.

As regards Clinton, I didn't know much about her until I heard her victory speech after the mid-term elections, at which point I realised she was in cloud-cookoo-land. Her ridiculous promises of a utopian America free of tough decisions between spending priorities should have given her a new nickname:

Hilarity Clinton


Er, Senate race of 2000 is what I was referring to, Orator, meaning last time he was up against Hillary, not last time he was running for Pres!

"[R]idiculous promises of a utopian America free of tough decisions." Stock in trade of the left, no?

The Orator

Doh! Of course. Hilarity never ran for President before. People have just talked about it for so long that I started to think she had. Ta

Sam Burke

I think this is a non-starter. I'm highly sceptical that Brownback would be able to work with Guiliani and see little propect of a joint ticket. However, if you were to say "McCain-Brownback" - that's another story, and a more likely scenario. There's little doubt that Brownback, although an outsider for the Republican nomination itself, is well-poised as an ideal running mate for any candidate wishing to sure-up the support of the Christian Right. It's a force which expressed itself powerfully in the last two Presidential elections, but chose to stay away in the recent Congressional round.


McCain-Romney strikes me as a better balanced ticket.

Besides the Republicans choose favourites.


Giuliani has a decent shot at winning the general election. However, there isn't a snowball's chance in Hades that Sam Brownback will be on the ticket. Brownback supports criminal aliens and open borders. He has no shot. BTW, McCain's chance came and went in 2000. He's too old now and he has high negatives amongst the conservative base. He too favors open borders and criminal aliens. Plus, he was the only Republican amongst the "Keating Five". That will dog him until he drops out of the race.

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