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Tim...I thought 18Doughty street was 'Politics for Adults'. Why the glaring, infantile ommisions and lack of objectivity? The arrogant and deluded manner with which the esteemed panelists discuss regime change, astonishes me.
You all speak of democracy, yet espouse the use of repressive domination as a key to regaining global influence. Force is a poor substitute for adequate planning and diplomatic imagination. It only produces democracy we approve of, like that of General Musharraf of Pakistan, President Mubarrak of Egypt e.t.c.

With regards to the U.S needing to increase it's military might, I suggest that Iraq has demonstrated that repressed & occupied populations will innovate. America will never again be feared.
One of the key, lessons learnt worldwide from the Iraq escapade is that, we are NOT invincible.
Indeed, With what can you threaten a person who is determined to explode themselves in order to kill you? Death!!??

The veto system within the UN is abused by every one of the permanent members to protect it's geo-political interests.
Why the failure to mention the US Governments systematic use of it's veto to protect Israel from any sanctions.
One of your panelists refered to Israel's war in Lebanon against Hezbullah as a 'proxy war' between Israel and Iran, I would suggest that it was a war between Iran and America as Israel is armed and maintained by America in much the same manner as Hezbullah is by Iran.
Do we expect our enemies to have no friends?

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