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Matt Davis

This is a truly sad moment and clearly demonstrates how the Politicians have abrogated their duty and responsibility to lead public opinion in favour of allowing the left wing commentariat to do so instead. But I guess that this is what you get when your politicians, rather then being persons of belief and principle motivated by a genuine vision of how to improve and lead our nation, are instead PR spivs motivated by a desire to acquire personal power and the trappings of Government.


Chicken-Licken Time again !

We had exactly the same when LBJ was in The White House; when Nixon was in The White hOuse, when Reagan ewas in The White House.

We had Spitting Image with tasteless skits about "Reagan's Brain" and we had silly prancing demonstrators in The Netherlands and Germany frightened the USSR might collapse if Reagan continued to re-arm.

We had contempt in Europe for Carter and fear that the Russians and Cubans acxtive in Mozambique and Angola, Portugal and Afghanistan, taking over Cam-Ranh Bay Naval Base in Vietnam........that the USSR would be dominant as their Olympic athletes were

The 1970s were a time of fear as energy prices quadrupled then Khomeini took over in Iran and oil prices doubled again. The End of the World was nigh but still we survived to get in a panic because Reagan was not a Social Democrat.

This cycle is always there - just look at the Days of Rage in 1968 Chicago, Kent State, My Lai, Tet Offensive, Soviet nvasion of Czechoslovakia 30 years after the Nazis; the Yom Kippur War, the shhoting down of KAL 007.

Our Media paints a grim and depressoing picture so people choose to commit suicide rather than watch any more TV or buy any more papers. It is the old trick of Doom and Gloom.

When you think of where Europe was 60 years ago with hundreds of thouands of refugees a week pouring into Germany and Brtain on permanent rationing of food, clothing and furniture.........we survived.

The Americans have their quirks and need a bit of friendly advice and opposition periodically but they change as we change. Daniel Cohn-Bendit is now a geriatric MEP rather than Red Danny of the Paris riots of 1968....The Present is rarely as apocalyptic as people think

David Sergeant

"But I guess that this is what you get when your politicians, rather then being persons of belief and principle motivated by a genuine vision of how to improve and lead our nation, are instead PR spivs motivated by a desire to acquire personal power and the trappings of Government"

Good, we should keep telling ourselves why Blair won three elections.

tired and emotional

Hopefully the present won't be as apocalyptic as I'mamadjihadman thinks, tomtom

Kevin Sampson

Big deal. After the 2003 poll which indicated most Europeans thought the US was the greatest threat to world peace, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

tired and emotional

Most Europeans are political assholes Kevin, always have been, and so are most Brits these days (sadly).

Andrew Ian Dodge

Its members of the Religion of Peace who are plotting to blow them up, kill them and/or enslave them but they loath the US. Surely a clear example of why the BBC has to be privitised as they are the main source of the anti-American rhetoric in the media.

I guess if you stick you head in the sand you can expect to get your arse kicked (or blown up).

Oliver McCarthy

The lesson I think is not so much not to believe the spin so much as it is only to believe the exact opposite of the spin. In facy my predictions for Wee Gordie Broon are slightly different. Once Blair's gone then Iraq will become much less controversial. Brown won't have to worry about a strong, independent Chancellor of the Exchequer holding the purse-strings either. And he'll obviously be very keen to present himself as patriotically British (because he's Scottish), a big hitter on the internatinal stage, someone who's taken seriously in Washington, and who has credible credentials when it comes to defence. In other words, he'll probably expand the Army (as Bush is doing already) and send more troops to Iraq (ditto). If anything goes wrong, his people can easily blame it on Lord Blair of Wormwood Scrubs.

The Tories' plan is very simple. Wait until Bush has gone, snipe at him a bit, raise a few cheap laughs on Question Time, and so on. Say "Iraq was a mistake" but make pragmatic noises, basically agreeing with the Government and letting them off every hook. And then support the new President one hundred per cent, whoever he -- or she -- may be.

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their politics hurts their image, what a shame.

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America is always considered the villian and depending on whose side you are on it's easy to believe this is true. America has the problem of having to "maintain peace" while not looking like a bad guy. Sure, many of the motivations of a country is to protect the power that it has and also to increase it so it's very easy to judge and say that America has no right being there..and in many cases this is true. But imagine what would people say if America just stood aside and let things happen without their interference? I'm sure many countries would criticize this as well! Either way you are screwed...

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We Americans will always be hated by Britain and the rest of Europe until Britain and or Europe is in another military struggle. The two world wars and the Falkland war are good examples. This will continue until America is no longer the largest military and or an economic power in the world. If China becomes the sole military and economic power in the world, they will be hated to by Europe.

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