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Jonathan Sheppard

I think the ad certainly provides food for thought. Having a father who lives in the States and American relatives I get to see both perspectives.

My take on it is that anti-Americanism in this country can be segmented between those who really dont like the US - and those who think they don't like George W Bush.

I suspect if you asked many people in the UK about why they currently dont like the US they wouldnt really know - but would say well its George Bush isnt it.


The operative word is "think" they don't like the U.S. President. Not that they are provided with any other opinion or feature which makes them "think" they like him.

Whenever I have a discussion with my fellow countrymen about America and the American President (really an argument against their cliché ridden, received views). They always seem to struggle to articulate why they disparage the man. It's almost as if I'm questioning why they breathe - an unfathomable question surely?!

I believe the unquestioning hostility and facileness of many Brits today is because of the way British news outlets report "news" - when what it really is a biased interpretation of "news" presented as "news" (who, what, when, where, why and how of an event).

This doesn't explain my own enlightened soul towards the American Administration of course. But it does explain how idiotic and biased the British media is towards a leader of a foreign nation.

David McGaughey

Having lived in both countries I would comment that the British public has been conditioned to react with viral and putrid resentment to anything American by our so called Liberal Politicians and Media.
Amazingly they have the Effrontary to call themselves Liberal when in fact all they believe in is Dogmatic, Leftist and completely unrealistic visions of their perfect world, where no-one is responsible for any action that can be blamed on upbringing or policies of any group that considers profit from labour a persons best way to improve their lot in life.
Their socialist agenda is without precedent the greatest danger (Hitler and Stalin not withstanding) this country has ever faced because of the pervasion rejection of any moral standard or obligatory duty of our citizens to their family, community and country. From the conditioning and indoctration of our youth from the cradle onwards blairites and his 'true believers' have destroyed that what made us unique, that indomitible spirit of self reliance, responsibilty, and toughness in the face of adversity. Hell the only ones that seem to display this are our Military tonies PC polices notwithstanding... The Bast**d
My God they have done what the Soviet Empire tried to do and failed but they the looney left have apparently succeeded.
Sadly I don't see the Tories as much better, a diluted version of Tony and Friends.
As a Nation we are truly doomed, soon we will be become this huge pile of ignorant, uneducated and parasitical feces.
Thank God I married an American and now live there and God help you that stay there, get out while the going is good.

Matt Davis

For a different take on Britain and America, as well as a damn good laugh, check out:



Cute vid. And welcome, too.
Thanks, from an American cousin.
Another cousin said something along the same lines once. With Aussie vigor.

Rob B

I just saw your video on youtube. As a "yank", actually I'm a Texan, I loved it.

It's nice to know that anti-americanism isn't an universally accepted view.
I had two grandfathers that staged their parachute drops from your coast on D-day. I was raised never hearing one desparaging word about you country. On the contrary, my parents and grandparents were proud of the ties our country had.

I would, if given the choice, rather have England as an ally than any other country. We have never need to question whether England has had it her to muster strength, clarity, morality or resolve when it mattered most. Despite the fact that we don't see eye to eye on all issues, I do believe that a world without American would be bleaker. But, likewise, America without England would be equally dimmed.


David Mc: "Their socialist agenda is without precedent the greatest danger (Hitler and Stalin not withstanding) this country has ever faced"

An excellent commentary, but there is something I would like to add to the above statement.

Public education (everywhere!) has fallen so badly to the left that it is no longer general knowledge that fascism is a form of socialism, and therefore on the LEFT, not the right of the socio-economic scale. Fascism is a socialist economic system that permits private ownership of business under strict government control. This system perfectly describes most of Europe today (but God forbid anyone ever call Germany "fascist" today!!!).

In the 30s, socialists and communists of all stripes were championing Hitler and his Nazis as a good socialist. It was considered that fascism might very well be a nice, happy center position with the best of communism and capitalism, with its allowance for privatly owned businesses (although under goverment control). And, in fact, for a while it appeared to be a great system... Hitler brought Germany back from the economic brink they were teetering upon after WWI.

But eventually it went the way of ALL socialist systems... with everyone's well being depending upon the government instead of their own entreprenureal genius, it placed too much power into the hands of the bureaucrats.

But it wasn't until Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back and turned on the USSR that fascists were suddenly regarded as "right-wing". True fascists are, in fact, far to the left of capitalists. This reinvention of history and economics was done by socialists and communists who wanted to have their utopian dreams divorced from the now obviously totalitarian Nazis.

So your commentary that socialism is, "...the greatest danger (Hitler and Stalin not withstanding)..." is a bit redundant, since Hitler WAS a socialist of a type, and Stalin was a socialist extremist(communist).

A great many of the people today who CALL themselves "socialists"... and especially in the US where they call themselves "progressives"... are actually Marxists. People who call themselves liberals are socialists, and people who are called "conservative extremists", at least in the US, are mainstream centerists. Note that in order to win elections here, the liberals of the Democratic Party have to tack to the right during their campaigns.

I've always found the term "progressive" to describe anything socialistic in nature to be amusing, since it describes a 19th Century system that failed in the 20th and has no place in the 21st. It is regressive, and dangerous with its inborn tendency to shift power into the hands of the people who control the bureaucracies.

Jeff Davis

My Mother was born and raised in the U.K., I have a special place in my heart for the British people. Being an American, naturally I love the video. But a world without the United Kingdom, would be a bitter world as well.

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
Winston Churchill

As a child my Mother told me of times during the war, that when sleeping in the tubes , the one thing that kept people going was humour. I do not have the facilities to properly express my sincere devotion to a land, and a people I have always deeply admired and respected, even if we disagree on some issues. Best of wishes to you and yours, from across the big pond.


So many people from the uk seem to bash the U.S. It makes me very angry as their views tend to be based on fiction and because in this 'pc' country of ours, it seems the right thing to do. I'm English, born in England, and proud to be English, but I love so much about America, its culture, history, medical and scientific advancements, etc. etc.
The list is endless, we owe them so much, from this to the 2nd world war, and on......

I hope that Americans get to see many positive comments from the U.K. because I feel that the majority of us love the U.S. and so that they don't feel isolated. I personally love everything America, and I hope that my Country continues to support America wholeheartedly.



When it comes to the issues of the global politics and the way it is perceived by the masses, a lot of things can be viewed as half-truth or false information wrapped into shiny paper to attract the attention and make people look away from the real problems. Unfortunately, most of us read only the headlines, and don't pay attention to what is really going on in the places like Africa, Gaza strip or the Balkans. Do we think about what is really done to improve the situation in those places by the organizations that are founded to interfere where it is needed and secure the lives of innocent people? Do we engage in dialogues only when we are the ones being endangered, or do we have a conscience that says that this world is a home to us all, and every nation suffering should be given a helping hand? We should understand that if some conflicts do not effect us directly, indirectly we are all effected as a species that seems to work hard against its own survival. I found some very interesting thoughts on this subject in the book called The Age of Nepotism, you should look it up and read about current affairs in the world from the perspective of Iraniann American entrepreneur traveling through the Balkans. There is also a site www.theageofnepotism.com

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