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Great video! I already have that & your blog linked. Thank you, keep up the good work, be careful out there!

countries do bad things -
but of course America
is always at fault

thugs massacre their own people
U.N. might someday shame them


How far up Bushes bum hole do you guys stick your tongue?


America gave us Guantánamo Bay - More freedom?

America pushed Iraq into civil war via an illegal war - responsible power?

America supported the IRA - a War Against Terror?

You can't enter America if you have a certain Arabic name, or claim to be communist - tolerant?

Bush beat Al Gore to the White House with less votes, and help from his brother Jeb in Florida – Democratic?

I could go on all day.

You lot are brainwashed.

hawaii helicopter tours

Still a thing that needs proper analyzation.

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