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A simple and logical message...deserves a simple and logical...

THANK YOU!!!! for finally saying and making a video representing America for who she really is

Rhonda...a proud American citizen


Maybe you guys could run the Oscars next year?


Dave... a world without Guantanamo would be a world in which known terrorists are unleashed on the populations of regular prison systems, infecting the inmates with their religious bigotry and homocidal ideas.

A world without Guantanamo would be a world in which those terrorist prisoners in normal prison systems would make those prisons the targets of terrorist attacks in attempts to free the inmates. And when that happened, how many native murderers and rapists would escape when the break came?

Guantanamo keeps those terrorists isolated from normal prison systems ON PURPOSE. There are reasons for it, and those reasons are good one. I've only given a couple off the top of my head.

A world without Guantanamo is a world in which a Guantanamo would eventually have to be made SOMEWHERE because of the terrorists attacking the normal prison system.

Better on an island isolated from the population of the island.


Wait, I thought we were a bunch of satanic worshipping world destoryers. You mean there are some folk out there that believe that we are not out to destroy everything and that the american people are not all demons? Whao.... where is this rationality coming from?

john graham

Great ad, personally I thought I was the only lone brit that didn't hate all things America. Actually having been in the USA many times I am glad to say that the experience was always great and I feel a better person for the Americans I met.

I assume I'm still allowed to have a different opinion to the screamers in the fear and loathing brigades? or do I need to register with some public sector quango first ?

Catherine Glass

Thanks very much. We have linked to you at www.britsattheirbest.com which has loads of good things on Brits and Americans.

Thomas Moore

Hi, it was a clever video, but I was extremely confused on why the video said there would be more disease, less vaccination and less poverty if America wasn't around! If you didn't know, Edward Jenner (the father of vaccination) was English and Alexander Fleming (the founder of penicillin) was also English... Also, at the G8 summit, it was George Bush who was unwilling to clear world debt! If someone could clarify this, then I would be extremely grateful! Thanks!

Thomas Moore

Just to clarify from my last comment, I do not hate America, in fact I love America! =) Yet I think the video is a tad inaccurate!

David Officer

I'm an American and proud of it. But if I was born a Canadian or Russian, wouldn't I be proud of that too? You bet. Point: Don't think America is superior/better than the next country. It's all a balance for the most part. If one country has lots of money and worldly goods then it probably is balanced by the citizens of that country taking things for granted and slipping into a moral minefield of problems. If your country has very little materialistic wealth then the majority of the people would appreciate the simpler things in life like a smile, a friend, a simple job, and a strong family with out divorce. If your country is not famous nor infamous then perhaps there is less to be proud of in a worldly sense but less to worry about too (I think those Canadians have it pretty well balanced out with very few extremes). Try to see the pros and cons of each country out there just as if they were individuals and each one is unique and special. Sadly my argument of balance doesn't work for ALL countries. What about war torn countries or destatute countries like Haiti? Well, like any individual that is in great need that lives in a community hopefully they will have their great needs met by others. Balance even then?

If we had a colony/country on the moon... Wow! But how alone and out of touch with the rest of humanity...and yet perhaps unspoiled and safe. Balance.

Please don't think a country has no worth nor value. Think of its positives and help better the negatives. How to better? It starts in our hearts.

David Officer

Balance: A world without China? Well there goes many herbal medical advance, science, ancient wisdom, ...

Russia? 1000 years of Russian Orthodoxy and its many spiritual fruits.

Haiti/Iraq/Somolia...? We would be in a world with less compassion, more self absorbed, and shallower for many MANY countries around the world would not have had the oppurtunity to help those countries in need.

You lose a family member and the family suffers and is less for it. You don't spare the rod of verbal critisizm. And if need be you even use corporal punishment. Same thing with countries. But you don't blindly hate (how can you see the good) or completely remove one of your own family members, you just hurt yourself. Nor should that be done with a country...like America.

zack padrone

it seems to me a lot of America haters just say bad things bush has done and consider those as reasons to hate America. I want to see what crazy stuff they'll use after he leaves office


It's not about what Bush has done...it's about the whole american ideology...the american dream as you would say, it's poisoning our noble europe...


i think any given country is vital for the worlds recources and economy , we just don't know it yet and we take them for granted

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