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Eugene A

What really blew me out of the water is that arab states have given Israel permission for a fly-over to bomb Iran.

Iranians think they are very clever and that nobody sees that all they are doing is stalling for time hoping that they can create a nuke. Here's my message to them: we know exactly what you are doing and you are not fooling anyone. We will not hesitate to bomb you when the time comes and I hope people of Iran realize that too.


Just stumbled on this blog, and I like it. As a patriotic American who is more pro-British than many of the Brits I've lived and worked with in the past, I'll watch this page with interest.

The American people, IMO, have had it with the tedious and thankless nation-building version of warfighting we've seen in Iraq, and I wouldn't expect a repeat of that model in any possible war with Iran. Besides, unlike Iraq, Iran is too big to take on as a project. The Iranian people really, really need to understand that. In the last century, plenty of good people who happened to be born German or Japanese suffered because of their governments' policies. Iranians may soon find themselves in the same position.

God Bless America / Hail Britannia


Off topic, but since the BBC was mentioned:
I watched a recent BBC report on the new Oil Law passed in Iraq.

The only thing mentioned in the report were:
A) critics claims that Iraq is a war for oil
B) that much of the law was written in English, by American subcontracters
C) Gives American companies access to Iraqi oil field development projects.

ie: The war's all about oil & here's some proof of it.

It didn't mention AT ALL anything about the distribution of Iraqi oil wealth that is the purpose of the law, which you'd think is significant. Fuck you BBC! Thanks!

Kevin Sampson

"Even in our post-9/11 era, it’s difficult for many Europeans—especially secular Europeans—to conceive of a nation-state driven by radical religious visions and hatreds"

I don't know why, the US is routinely portray as exactly that.



Teddy Bear

d00d - What's even worse about the BBC presenting the war in Iraq as being about oil, is that they do it as if it was, then that's a wrong thing to do.
As far as I know our world runs on the stuff and if anybody is threatening its supply, then its impact on our society would be the same as if they had dropped a massive nuclear bomb on us. Of course the liberals don't have the capacity to think things through, so just saying "it's about oil", gets them tut-tutting.


Iran is the only country in the world who can dare to challenge the hegemony of US & Israel.
Israel can develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons but Iran cant.
If Iran is to be called sponsor of terrorism then US is way above iran.It helped the Mujaheedins in afghanistan.It helped the Saddam in the past.It helped so many terrorist groups in Latin America.
Then my all the good friends who call Iran sponsors of terrorism tell me who is the real sponsor of terrorism.
My dear friend Eugene who says that
"We will not hesitate to bomb you when the time comes and I hope people of Iran realize that too."
Yes you can do that.What else can you coward people do?No one here is afraid of death.Everyone has to die some time.
I dont think Mr Eugene is going to be immoratal.

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