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"south Boston, south-central Los Angeles, or southeast Washington, D.C."

Massachusetts, California, and D.C., three U.S. States with the most stringent anti-gun laws, the most generous welfare entitlements, and the most forgiving courts.

It's a triple threat.


Lauraw is right. In the US, the states with the most lenient gun laws, or, more importantly, gun laws aimed at criminals instead of honest citizens, have the lowest violent crime rates. Increased prison sentences both in general and for specific acts such as using a gun during the comission of a crime are getting a lot of dangerous people off the streets.

However, there's been an odd tilt in Gen Y. A huge chunk of them, whatever their political leanings, are going in for volunteer services in a way never seen before. Even the volunteerism so prevalent in WWII is being outdone: In WWII most of the volunteer programs were sponsored by the goverenment; Gen Y is pulling together their OWN volunteer organizations without prompting from anyone. These range from neighborhood "help" groups to nationwide campaigns like "Rock the Vote" on M-TV.

The message from Gen Y is, "why sit around waiting for 'the gub'ment' to DO something? Let's just DO it."

I heard a speaker say that many researchers think that, just as a baby duck follows the first "mother" it imprints upon, Gen Y in the US was "imprinted" upon 9/11, with volunteer groups from all over the country and the world sending in firefighters and rescue dogs and all the other help that was sent. That's how problems are SUPPOSED to be handled, in their view, so that's the way they do it. This imprint was then reinforced by the Asian Tsunami and Katrina. When some major disaster happens, one of the very first things you see is groups of young people organizing. The ne'er-do-wells are still out there, of course, but their counterparts are such balls of fire!

So here, at least, there is a ray of hope for the young people. We've got some of the BEST that I've ever encountered. The irony is that if the researchers are right, it took 9/11 to bring it about :/.

I sincerely hope that more of the young people in the world imprinted upon 9/11 the same way our own Gen Y did!

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