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Thanks for the nice thoughts about us Yanks!

But something important was left out: Our massive historical debt to Great Britian. Yeah, I know, many countries were involved in the settling of America, but I believe GB has a special place in the hearts of all US folks. You have always been there for us. You have always backed us up - even when, perhaps, it was not in your own best interests to do so. Thank you.


I agree with Colonist, and want to add that our courts are primarily based upon the English Common Law. Without that most basic heredity, we'd be in trouble.

Point of fact: The only state in the US that has another legal base is Louisiana, whose state courts are based upon the Napoleonic Code. In fact, Louisiana has more political corruption than Washington, DC, and New Orleans is the most corrupted city in the US. If it were a bigger city (pop. 300K pre-Katrina), it would, in fact, be the Murder Capital of the World... and that has more to do with political corruption and lack of police activity (bribes? Suspected, but not provable in court) and the Napoleonic Code with its built-in dodges than any other cause.

Since the US actually has an in-house display of how the differences between two jurisprudence systems inside the same Constitutional entity work, we can see for ourselves how much better the Common Law basis is :).

And we owe you a great debt of gratitude for that :).

Canadian based Brit

With all due respects to your cause here. If America didn't exist, we would still be a colonial power.

The Boston Tea Party wouldn't have happened, we'd still be strong.

whilst I agree there is a lot of animosity towards America, some wholly justified (their arrogance and blind disregard for any ones elses point of view and achievements, to name but two), I dont believe the view you're offering up is realistic.

David Mathews

As a reb-blooded American, I want to thank the British for telling the world how much worse off it would be if the United States of America did not exist. I agree, Americans are the best, and the British are second-best.

Great Britain is a country which should defend America because undoubtedly England's crimes & atrocities are greater than America's. How many millions of people did England murder in order to acquire its empire & its wealth?

How many civilizations did England exterminate in order to impress its own "superior" culture upon the natives?

How much of England's present-day prosperity is directly attributable to the pillaging of the rest of the world during the colonial era?

But England is not guilty alone. All of the European nations have bloody hands because of the crimes which Europeans committed all across the globe.

Europeans are by far the most violent people to have ever inhabited the Earth. Not only did Europeans murder uncountable millions of people during the colonial era, the Europeans killed over 100,000,000 people during its century of warfare (the 20th century).

Europe's days are numbered, though. All of the European nations & European civilization are declining perceptibly. A day will come in which Europe is only a memory, and only a bad memory.

The world thanks Europe for all of the civilizations that it destroyed, all of the atrocities that it committed, all of the genocides against poorly-armed natives, all of the pillaging of natural resources, and for the United States of America ... the world's #1 polluter, #1 spender, and #1 military.

Europe taught America how to kill. Thanks a lot, Europe.


I'm not sure this website is doing anything whatever to improve Anglo American relations in its current state.Utterly half witted posts from anti American Brits and moronic Americans like Dave Mathews above will have the opposite effect of that desired.


I somewhat agree, Malcolm, but the fact is that David is venting a rebuttal to those in Europe who want to hang ALL of the world's ills on the US. We've been peppered by it for so long (and most of it completely unjustified) that a great many of the people I know have become defensive, automatically spewing out rebuttals even before a statement is made.

I agree that it doesn't do anything to improve Anglo-American relations, but that would be no reason to take down the web site. After all, we've been getting rained upon by Europe since 1776. The elites of Europe have ALWAYS hated America, even those who supported our revolution (you should read some of the accounts of conversations between Ben Franklin and his French hosts!), and their poison has been spreading to the general population all of the last century and reaching a climax in this one. It's a bit frightening, and I really can't fault the people who are being frightened by it.

Frightened people say and do some very weird things that they would never say or do otherwise.


I can't envision a world without America; but
often times I'd wish for us to draw-down all
U.S. military personnel from both Europe and
Asia. What would that mean? All one would
have to do is look at history. I'm afraid,
people in the U.S. has grown tired with the
rest of the world and thus becoming somewhat
less interested in preserving someone else's
democracy with American lives. I was once a
soldier in the U.S. Military; and its time
for Europe and Asia to defend itself without
the cost of American lives. I'm angry and tired of it. One more thing, I was born in

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