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Oliver McCarthy

I presume we are not invited to think of such a possibility in a favourable light! Moving out from under the US umbrella, of course, morally and culturally Europe would certainly benefit. On the other hand, we would very quickly see how all the silly treaties that have been signed and laws that have been passed since 1945 won't stop France and Germany from going to war with each other (as they have done ever since the Clades Variana of AD 9) if they really want to.

In fact, I'd have thought that without America then we'd have to take charge again, keeping the peace in Europe and so on -- which would be a bit of a fag, though it would at the same time give us a sense of national purpose, and so on. In fact it would probably be incumbent on Britain as the world's principal thalassocracy to reclaim our status as a superpower and restore international order.

In all probability, though, there would be no superpowers. There would just be chaos. Any country that relied on free trade (as this one does) would go under straightaway. Modern communications technology moreover would not make conflicts less likely. On the contrary, as with the Babel fish in H2G2, improved communications technology will probably mean the wars of the future will be more violent and brutal on account of their being more ideological. Yes, I'm someone who believes that most ethnic, religious and sexual hatred is at root economically motivated: but in the age of the blogosphere and YouTube the divisions are likely to be more sharply definined and the fighting bloodier.

It's difficult to think how to make a thought-provoking advert about this though. Ordinary people are so unthinkingly and unquestioningly pro-American, from the jeans they wear and the faddy diets they consume, to the junk TV they make their children watch and the appalling unisex schools where they're educated, that what most people think they'd miss about America is probably Coca-Cola and McDonald's and corny Hollywood films. And they'd positively love to see the back of President Bush.

On the other hand, people would probably miss more they're being able to go on holiday to Europe (let alone America), being able to drive their cars (because there'd be no oil), and being able to eat food that hadn't been grown in this country. School playing-fields would become allotments. So would carparks! Presuably there'd be exoduses from the cities, because of the breakdown of law and order there.

In short, there'd be total anarchy.

But that, after all, is fundamentally what the Left wants.


This could be an interesting replay of the 1930s. The world plunges into a second Great Depression as the American consumer no longer absorbs the world's exports. The UN, World Bank, and IMF collapse, causing havoc in the developing world.

The American defense umbrella collapses, and North Korea invades South Korea; China invades Taiwan; Russia invades the oil-rich central Asian republics and masses its armies on the borders of Eastern Europe; Egypt and Syria invade Israel; Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia engage in a war for the right to rule the Muslim world, while Muslim communities in France, Germany, and the UK begin an insurgency in their respective countries. Etc.

In other words, the world would be at peace, as the Left always predicted would happen once the evil Americans withdrew from international participation.


Wow, what a novel concept. The leaders of the free world just disappearing, plunging the planet into chaos. On the upside, maybe the left would finally shut up for a couple of minutes, sparing us their endless inane babble.


A world without America eh?

Hmm let's see. For one all you imbeciles would be speaking German. The end.


This will be tough to do without sounding "too" pro-American. The funny items "No cheeze whiz or Brittany Spears" etc. will come to our heads first, but I don't think we can underestimate how staggeringly different things would be in a very bad way. In much the same way as a 19th century without Britain would have altered the world for the worse, I think chaos would rule and human rights would be a quaint history note. Great project!


Well, according to your graphic, it's not a world completely without America. Thank God Alaska is still here to save all your sorry hides!


A world without America?

A return to the barbaric age of the 7th century. Islam would be the dominant religion, sharia would replace all secular laws. Science and technology would be banned as forbidden by allah; industries would be bombed by terrorists; banks would be taken over by muslim leaders; all transportation would be forbidden if you're kafir - only muslims would be allowed to travel, all other religions would have to wear armbands identifying their beliefs. All non-muslim businesses would be absorbed into islamic businesses or simply destroyed; no property rights for non-muslims and all women, whether muslim or not, will be forced to wear the shroud.

Basically, America has been the go-to country for helping all other countries, both in billions of dollars in aid and in our military presence. We are the country everybody loves to hate until they need us. Without us, there would be global economic chaos, a return of all diseases eradicated by vaccines (since muslims don't believe in vaccinating their kids), and a proliferation of diseases due to lack of hygiene. Israel would be annihilated.

Anarchy would create havoc until dominated by islamic military force.

Bobby's Brain

How about a world without Islam?

That'll be the day!

Alan K. Henderson

Imagine no America...

The first nuclear power is the UK, home to the defector scientists who in our timeline were associated with the Manhattan Project. Berlin is nuked, killing the entire central command.

By the time of this attack, the Nazis, not having to fight much of a Western front, controls much of Eastern Europe (and all of Poland) and parts of the USSR.

De facto German government falls to its field generals. They sue for peace, finally agreeing to retreat to its 1925 borders, more or less; Germany keeps Danzig (ensuring a life of obscurity for Lech Walesa) but cedes East Prussia to Poland, whose borders are restored to pre-WWII borders. Stalin fumes, but Churchill has nukes and there's no FDR to get him a better deal.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world...Japan's island conquests are pretty much the same. When Japan takes the Philippines from Spain (no Spanish-American War), Franco (impotently) declares war, and Japanese-German relations are strained. The Kingdom of Hawaii is eventually taken. Australia gets nervous as Port Moresby finally falls, but in the wake of the bombing of Berlin Japan sues for a separate peace with Europe (and India and Burma) while turning its focus toward China and Russia.

Stalin invades Manchuria, seizing all of Japan's nuclear research, and continues toward Korea; both become Soviet Socialist Republics. Japan then makes peace with Russia, unwilling to fight both Soviets and Chinese on the Asian mainland and not too keen on being at war with what will become the world's second nuclear power while Sapporo is only 200 miles from its reach.

Japan withdraws from the Asian mainland, Indonesia, New Guinea, and Sakhalin, but otherwise maintains its island empire. Japan resumes its nuclear testing, exploding its forst bomb on Mindanao. On schedule, China falls to Mao, Dien Bien Phu falls to the Vietnamese, and Eastern Europe falls to Communism.

In 1963, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan faces the Alaskan Missile Crisis, as the Soviets have fielded missiles in the Alaska Soviet Socialist Republic (no America to buy Alaska). After a tense ordeal - which involves not only NATO but a nuclear Japan that would enjoy humiliating Khruschchev - the Russkies pull the missiles out of Alaska.

From its Alaska base, the Soviets start spreading Communism to the North Pacific Indian nations and to the big prize - Mexico. Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara, who Comintern had once talked out of a hairbrained scheme to take Spanish Cuba, stage a Russian-backed revolution. Harold Wilson refuses to intervene. Mexico City falls, and Castro becomes maximum leader of the Republica de Mexico.

The Cold War never ends. No Helsinki Accords to energize East European dissidents. NATO can't outarm the Soviets, but the nuclear deterrent from NATO and Japan prevent WWIII. The Soviets spread Communism in Africa and Latin America. Mexico aids several successful Communist insurgencies, including the Sendero Luminoso's rise to power in Peru. The one setback is when Margaret Thatcher intervenes in the attempted Communist coup in Argentina, using the Falkland Islands as the base of operations. The Falklands becomes a major military base, and Argentina joins NATO.

Middle East history is pretty much as before. The Brits establish Israel and liberate Kuwait. The War on Terror is different, though - with no America, Osama's chief target is the UK. Enemy combatants are sent to a detention center on North Falkland. The British overthrow Saddam, but cannot field enough troops to contain the Sunni and Shiite militias...


I think the video should assume that NOBODY ever came to America. That,of course would include the original peoples, etc. Naturally, that would ALSO assume people of WESTERN culture were too stupid, or not willing to take chances in finding out the world was round, or wanting to have religious freedom...Which leads me to believe that if there WAS NO AMERICA, that which comprises WESTERN CULTURE would not exist today. WESTERN CULTURE NEEDS AMERICA!!!!! America is THE ULTIMATE of everything WESTERN CULTURE evolved to be.

Now, go ahead, imagine a world without electricity, the telephone, airplanes, movies, computers, vaccines, antibiotics.
That's from AMERICA (with help from other WESTERN cultures) How about art and music?
And, cripes, we'd all be eating knockwurst.


Well, Mexico has really got problems without the rest of North America. Maybe Mexico could be folded down, so that it hugs either east or west South America.

Jay Manifold

Heh. See SM Stirling's Conquistador for another explication of the possibilities ...


As an American who's not a bling patriot, I find it interesting that you assume that any of the things that America was responsible for could have been created or done by ANYONE else. This country isn't some devine miracle where only here could the telephone, airplane, denim jeans, etc been created. Not only America could have liberated France or turned the tide durring the World Wars.

Sure, the world would be different without America, but America's not saint.


For those who complain that American culture is morally bankrupt, remember that you do not have to partake in it: we do not force anyone to eat Big Macs or watch our movies. If our culture is so inferior, why do so many of our ideas and products find haven around the world?

And Matt, no one ever implied that America is without its problems, but the experiment that is America has led to much of what our world now takes for granted when it comes to technology, medical advances, and yes, entertainment. America gives much more than it receives in the form of monetary aid and good will, and many of us are sick and tired of being the world's whipping boy...

Kevin Sampson

“Not only America could have liberated France or turned the tide durring the World Wars.”

Uhh, actually, France didn’t need liberating during the First World War. And the American contribution to that conflict wasn’t particularly important. World War Two was a different storey, but you are correct that it needn’t have been us that turned the tide against the Axis or liberated France. The Soviet Union would certainly have done both. Of course, whether being ‘liberated’ by the Soviets would have been all that much of an improvement over being occupied by the Nazis is open to debate. And then those altruistic Russians could have ‘liberated’ the British proletariat from the tyranny of the British aristocracy and bourgeoisie, ushering in a golden age of True Communism. Huzzah. But would the Soviets have been so selfless about coming to the rescue of the Chinese, Koreans, Thais, and pretty much everybody else in the Far East who where occupied by the Japanese? Since the Soviet Union didn’t declare war on Japan until after Hiroshima, which in this scenario would never have happened, I think not.

maria kieser

you have sent me 5 e-mail with activation links that do not work - how do I activate my membership


Hi Maria - I've emailed you but - for the record - your registration has been successful.

distrustful dave

is this site paid for by the pentagon? or the zionists? whats it's history? i think it's another lincoln group psyop thingy, and so do many others!


Hi distrustful dave!

This site is funded by Brits who do not think America is perfect but hate the way it is being traduced at the moment and know that it deserves better.

No CIA money! No Zionist money! No Pentagon money! Sorry I can't feed your conspiracy theorising!!

Julia Morris

You should see this trailer - The World Without US - here: http://medialab.ifc.com/film_detail.jsp?film_id=5329

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