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Simon Chapman

It's David Miliband - perhaps you are confusing him with Alan Milburn, Shane.

Jason O'Mahony

As you are probably aware, we've had a smoking ban in Ireland for some time now, introduced, incidentally, by the most pro business govt we've ever had.
The result? Almost universal acceptance. Even in a country with PR we have NO party proposing to reverse it. What was interesting about the debate was the way the smoking lobby got hammered for believing that they had a right to inflict secondary smoking on others. The difference between the UK and Ireland was that it was sold as a worker safety issue, although I wouldn't object to workers agreeing to work in smoky atmospheres for extra money. We are a free market, after all!

Little Black Sambo

"Almost universal acceptance" of the ban on smoking in Ireland. That just shows what a sad lot the Irish are turning into. They'll be universally accepting a ban on drinking whiskey & Guiness next, all in the interest of safety of course.

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