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Eugene A

Yes, but on the other hand you have Brittish troops going into Afghanistan, so what you are seeing is splitting the responsibility. Afghanistan becomes more of a NATO mission, while Iraq becomes more American. Not sure how this is going to play out here in US, but it would definetly help us. So once again - thank you UK.

Now if only BBC would acknowledge oppsition to the it's views on global warming....


The areas of responsibility were divided up by nation before we had a good idea of what the local problems were going to be.

The fact that Basra has stabilized well enough to withdraw the British troops is, indeed, GOOD news for the "stay the course" plan, IMHO :).

I've heard it said by US liberals that the Brits being withdrawn should be redirected to the surge being implemented in Baghdad, but then I visualized a nightmare scenario: US troops with their commanders doing things their way, Iraqi troops with THEIR commanders doing things THEIR way, British troops with THEIR commanders doing things THEIR way, maybe some of the Polish troops with THEIR commanders doing things THEIR way... are you getting the image here? All of these different command centers in ONE CITY? All we need are too many chefs in the kitchen! That would create chaos. Better that it's just the US and Iraqis working there.

Well done, Brits! :D

sandman arriveth

Hello, there, oh distant Anglican type cousin:

Being that I am a card carrying, and gun carrying American of the 'cowboy' variety because I both own and endorse ownership of said guns, I bid you welcome to Eurofuture, the Europe of the near future:

Less freedom, more gov't interference with what you thought were your rights, more burdensome regulation.

Gov't approved tea substitute with clone cow milk as provided for by EU Regs, anyone?

Thought we had it bad with the knuckleheads we are saddled with here in the US. I am sad to say I was wrong, you folks over in the UK have it worse, and worse than that still, you have to fend for yourself with anything but a gun unless Wormwood Prison feels good to you for living accomodations.




Now now, Sandman... be a polite guest. I'm sure that our cousins KNOW what their situation is over there. Why else would they have a blog to complain about their situation? "Helpful" commentary that isn't helpful in their current situation is not polite.

What we have to do is help with finding ways to help them fight the current problems that are legal in the UK. This would mostly be through political means, such as going out on Brit blogs and engaging in logical debate against the species Chipotera Lunae Screechitus (common name: "screeching moonbats") to help support candidates who are for returning to the British Common Law (the very place where we Americans originally derived our rights for such things as self-defense).

So offer helpful posts :). And be a polite guest! :D

who gives a ......

Why do we need a pro-american campaign!? No one's got the torches and pitchforks ready for american blood! The advert for this campaign, simply promotes how we should be America's bitch and how the world is such a better place with them!

How the fuck do you know that? another country may have took over dominance and become wealthy and invented great things with the absence of America. Who knows maybe the communist ideology would collapse in on itself and therefore abolish the theory worldwide without any blood being spilt in the first place *cough* Vietnam *cough*.Maybe some country who was able to capitalise without the american presence would fund medical research and find many cures, we just don't know.

America has done so many atrocious things, when you promote the good side, don't forget the bad sides e.g. being dragged into a pointless war, Iraq, or getting other countries to do it's dirty work i.e israel and even Iraq at one point.

I know this off topic but seriously this campaign should go fuck itself.

This was a rant so grammar mistakes will be rife.


@who gives a... "America has done so many atrocious things, when you promote the good side, don't forget the bad sides..."

Contrariwise, when you fuss about the bad things, don't forget the GOOD things ;).

And that is the problem in today's Europe... too many of you are forgetting the good things in and about America.

John J. Coupal


It would be helpful to this yank if your excellent website would describe the current policy about individual possession of handguns in the UK.

Your statement about Prime Minister Blair advocating long prison sentences for people's "gun possession" is puzzling. Is there a licensing protocol with age limits for individuals to own and carry handguns?

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