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All these efforts to rehabilitate Hitler are fascinating. It is becoming like wallpaper. I am hitlered to sheer boredom.

German TV has programme after programme about the Nazis until it seems like one long fictional series. It starts to become superficial and iconinc like Mickey Mouse.

Hitler is a commercialised baddie and the swastika is now a logo. Hitler is rather like Elvis, someone who existed once and has a lot of recordings and films and books written about them.

The word Nazi is bandied about so often it is banal, and so many people are accused of being like Hitler it has become meaningless.

I reckon in another 10 years the name Hitler will be back in vogue, and the nazis will be seen as just another political party ......the ideas are already back - euthanasia - supranationalism.

It is getting really hard to be scandalised by Hitler and the Nazis; the Left have used the imagery in such a cavalier fashion that it has lost substance to become just another superficial celebrity


When Bush gasses 6 million Jews, bans foxhunting and outlaws the Democrat Party I might accept they have a point.

Frank Morris

Is anyone really surprised? The BBC is simply another overseas outlet for the MSM tripe of the US liberal wackos. (Almost like our home boys at ABC, CBS, CNN....and Aljazerra, etal)

Consider the sources. Turn them off.

Frank Morris AWC, USN(Ret)

p.s. Hey Pete Bree! VP45?

The Apologist

Do you have a transcript of this interview? My computer is worthless and I can't get any video to play anymore regardless of the format, but I'd love to read the interview. Do you know when Mr.Aitken's book will be coming out in the US? I'd be interested to read it.


Frank, the problem is that the British are forced to fund the BBC with their license fees. They could at least save some money for the same quality if they replaced the BBC with Al-Jazeera. I'm not sure people would even notice at this point, especially since Al-Jazeera English is so heavily staffed with BBC vets.


if they replaced the BBC with Al-Jazeera.

On satellite you can now get Al-Jazeera in English, the France24 station and Russian News - none of which are too bad - no sneering from BBC types onscreen


TomTom, I wasn't aware of that. So what's the justification for the license fee at this point?

Martijn Borsboom

I don't know about the Bush-Hitler poster in the newsroom. It shouldn't be there. But the argument about religion is crap: Clinton views may be progressive but he always describes himself as a religious man (as does Jimmy Carter). I can't believe that BBC journalists are stupid enough to forget that. Aitken paints a very colored picture here.

Mark C R

It most certainly shouldn't be there!

I've noticed certain bias in other programs on the BBC recently - including "Question Time" on the people's views that are in the audience...

I pay my license fee - and hearing this sort of thing and seeing a drift on the channel in the past 10 years does not inspire confidence at all. Especially with the fact that they have public accountability.

Why did the management not ask for it to be taken down?

I mean - you're comparing Bush to Hitler is very serious.


I cannot believe that the people at the Beeb office missed the point entirely.
Bush as King George III: yes, indeed.
Cheney as Robespierre: yes, indeed.
Both impeachable: quite possibly.


Vivi-- re:"Both impeachable: quite possibly."

On what grounds?


No one wants to have better relationship with Bush everyone in both countries hates him

LC Mamapajamas

z... WHICH "both countries"???


So what's the justification for the license fee at this point?

Posted by: JF |

1949 Wireless Telegraphy Act as updated in the Broadcasting Act 1990......and a visit by the Bailiffs if non-compliance attracts the interest of the County Court........rather like the Road Fund Licence really....you pay it or face a lot of inconvenience


TomTom, I just wonder why there hasn't yet been a major initiative to dismantle the license fee, given BBC's increasing commercial activity and clear political stance. If the BBC were floated on the stock exchange, I'm sure it would be a viable commercial entity, and by having access to the capital markets, would do much to ensure its own survival.

pete bree

Hi Frank Morris and other Pelicans. give me a bell.

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