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Mike A

I am a Tory who loathes Bush.

I object to:
- misleading people over fsith-based welfare
- a scandalous fiscal record
- a remarkable disregard for the stature of the Supreme Court
- a terrible record on human rights

I would certainly have voted for Kerry.

Michael McGowan

I am always bemused by the almost obsessive hatred of Bush in this country. He has become the pantomime villain of the chattering classes - a substitute for rational thought. His fiscal record is poor (at least the spend bit as opposed to the tax bit) but Kerry would have been at least as bad. I have no idea what Mike A means when he refers to disregard for the stature of the Supreme Court which is a highly politicised body anyway. I assume that the reference to human rights is mainly a reference to Guantanamo Bay the PR aspects of which have been handled very badly. But at the end of the day, why shouldn't the US intern prisoners of war? We did in 1939-45.


I thought the most interesting bit was when Colleen mentioned that George Bush accepted that man made climate change exists. I had always thought he had dismissed the idea. I look forward to seeing the US playing a leading role in solving this problem in years to come and perhaps implementing a successor to the flawed Kyoto treaty.


Mike A,

Thanks for proving that the Tory party is now to the left of the Democratic Party here in the US. There are limits to faith-based projects here in the US, given our constitutional separation of church and state.

The supreme court deserves less respect than you believe. It has no constitutional right to judicial review, but everyone has played along for these past few hundred years. As unelected officials, they are not accountable and are rightly distrusted.

Human rights: you miss the forest for the trees. To criticize the US for imagined human rights abuses when very real atrocities are being committed elsewhere in the world brands you as a left-wing extremist.

Finally, let's look at this perception you have that Bush has been terrible with finances. UK growth in 2006 was 2.7% and the deficit was 2.9% of GDP. In the US, GDP growth was 3.4% in 2006 and the budget deficit was 1.9%. His fiscal record is scandalous because it wasn't communist enough for you? It's a shame you couldn't learn the lessons of the USSR and the socialist continent. Maybe you'll learn after your politicians tax and spend your economy into the ground.


Problem is most Americans have a super-individualistic mindset. Most decent Brits would regard the average American voter as selfish in the extreme. Most normal people over here would have happily voted Kerry.

Its time we decent Conservatives dissocitated ourselves from the loutish bible bashing Republicans accross the atlantic.

PS Theres a reason the Bush heartlands are referred to as the fly-over states!


Of course the Conservative party is around the same place in the political spectrum to the Democratic party. This is not news. Conservatives in general support an publicly funded health service, fairly funded state schools, some state welfare rather than relying on charities and not getting obsessed about certain social issues like abortion and gay marriage in the name of Christian values. American politics is to the right of British politics, just as our politics are to the right of most European politics.


And this proves what - some Busshite thinks that Bush is a nice guy. Well as Bush appointed her she is hardly going to say he is the Devil himself. This is not journalism, it is propaganda - and not very subtle propaganda at that.

The American's hate Bush - his approval ratings (even in Fox Polls) do not get out of the low 30s and his unfavourables are often well into the 60s. Yet Tim and co try and tell us we should like Bush and that he is a poor misunderstood President who had been misrepresented in the media.

Let's be grown up about this boys - Mrs Thatcher is no more as a political force. The Special Relationship with Maggie and Ronnie was special because of who they are. We do not have to snuggle up to whatever Republican happens to be in the Whitehouse. Be real and stop fawning at anything wearing a stars and stripes lapel badge!


Bush has 2 degrees from Harvard and trained as a jet pilot. His IQ is higher than that of john kerry.

Can any of you beat that?


gordon-bennett - that's geek bravado, not thye makings of a good President. Let us not forget that he became a jet pilot while avoiding the War in Vietnam! Maybe we could compare his penis size with that of other Presidents to see if he is better in that department as well. Or maybe we could have a coke snorting competition or lets see who was best at driving a car while smashed.


SI, please disassociate yourselves, good riddance. I wonder why you even feel the need to vote Conservative, given that you (and your peers, apparently) hold no recognizable Conservative values.


Scooter Libby - Don't drop the soap or you'll get what the American people have had since 2001.


So if you don't love President Bush you have no 'recognizable Conservative values' according to JF. What a complete moron!


So you yanks now have a monopoly on what constitutes a conservative do you?


Si: "So you yanks now have a monopoly on what constitutes a conservative do you?"

No, the values of a "conservative" depend entirely upon what they are being conservative ABOUT. Thus, ranting Communists so far to the left they fell off the planet decades ago are regarded as "conservative" IF you're talking about Russia.

In the US, "conservative values" are values consistent with what Americans want to conserve.

Sometimes US and UK "conservative values" happen to coincide. Sometimes they don't. But for the most part, our cultures are similar enough for US and UK conservatives to get along.


malcolm, "I look forward to seeing the US playing a leading role in solving this problem in years to come and perhaps implementing a successor to the flawed Kyoto treaty."

Speak to the Senate about this. Treaties are in THEIR jurisdiction, not the president's. The president only signs treaties after the Senate approves them. It was the SENATE who voted 99-0 to kill our participation in Kyoto, not President Clinton (who was the one in office at the time, BTW). Among those voting against Kyoto were John Kerry and Al Gore, who have been blaming it on Bush ever since.

Also, some people DO. Others just make a career of blathering. Here's some green data:

Bush's Texas White House

Power usage in only ONE of Gore's FOUR homes

So one jets around the world yapping and not doing, and the other does and doesn't yap about it.

Guess which man has my respect on this issue?


Volunteer @ 8.51 pm.

I wasn't making a point about how good a President he is - I was just contrasting his intellectual and physical abilities with the trolls who diss him.

How many of them (including you), by the way, are as successful as Bush in their chosen careers?

I am sure any of you would take great satisfaction from measuring anyone's penis size!


Bush is not the problem. He was the "best" that the Republican Party offered at the time (a stinging indictment of American politics). The problem is that Republicans abandoned any principles and infuriated long time supporters like me.

Anyway, no one's mentioned all the REAL reasons the Republicans lost congress. Here they are:
(1) Bush and Republicans (B&R) massively increased government spending.
(2) B&R created whole new entitlement programs.
(3) B&R failed to secure our borders and want to further reward criminal aliens at the expense of honest citizens.
(4) B&R failed to properly and fully pursue Bin Laden.
(5) B&R prop up a corrupt Pakistani regime that is still backing Al Qaeda to this day.
(6) B&R started a war without planning for victory or listening to those who knew best how to win it.
(7) B&R refused to properly fight their war or to target the biggest threats (Iran, Syria, Pakistan).
(8) B&R are repeating mistakes with other countries who would destroy us (China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, France).
(9) B&R used 9/11 to attack civil liberties. They give us "security theater" that costs billions and actually makes us LESS safe (but more controlled).

B&R have acted almost as bad as Kerry would have -- bringing America (and thus the world) that much closer to ruin.


Malcolm and SI, instead of the temper tantrums, how about setting me straight? What do UK Conservatives believe in that is different from Labor?


IQ is a combination of inheritance and experience. The older you are the greater the contribution of experience.

I would bet that Bush's IQ NOW is considerably lower than Kerry's, whatever they scored at high school.


greg @ 7:18 am

Wrong. The IQ you are born with doesn't vary during life.

Furthermore, john kerry has become less and less respected as people have got to know him better. Nobody likes a lying hypocrite.



republicans belive for better or wrost oin fairly funded state schools,(in fact the spending in the US is higher than the UK) some state welfare rather than relying on charities (Bush has increased it heavily wiht his prescripton drug bill)

and anyone who blieves the Democrats belive "in not getting obsessed about certain social issues like abortion and gay marriage" needs their head examined there's a reason aboriton is allowed up to birth in the US even for the non disabled unlike the UK and gay marirage actualy is the law in parts of the Us-unlike the UK.

Michael McGowan

Edmund, while the spellchecker seems to have gone awry, your response to Guy is spot on. Not that it will make any difference: hating Bush, and proclaiming one's love of the Democrats, has become an entirely reflexive position in parts of the Conservative Party. It avoids having to spend time and energy on mature thought.

Tom Greeves

Refuting, point by factual point, myths about George W. Bush isn't propaganda. You total morons.


"I would certainly have voted for Kerry."

And that's why the Tories are irrelevant.


For all who think Bush is an idiot, John Kerry is just as much an idiot. A wishy washy one. He'll agree with one group then turn right around and agree with the opposite just to try to please everyone and that never works. The only reason people wanted to vote for Kerry was because he was the opponent of Bush.


You said, "Problem is most Americans have a super-individualistic mindset. Most decent Brits would regard the average American voter as selfish in the extreme." A question. Why is it that people around the world in other democratic countries can vote for who they think is best for their country but Americans are expected to vote for who the world wants them to?

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