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Tory T, I understand the problem now. You wanted us to go farther than we did (hence the continual British trashing of the justification behind the Iraq war. I always thought you were against it, now I realize you thought our action wasn't sufficient, silly me). You feel that the US has failed you when it was in its power to succeed. It wasn't in our power to succeed. There are no more troops to send, unless we dismantle NATO (I'm all for that) and withdraw from South Korea (I'm all for that) and Japan (against that).

Clinton's failure was in submitting US action to international referendum under the UN, but we've always been most successful when acting without UN approval (WWII, Kosovo).

When NATO invoked Article V after September 11, we made the mistake of believing that NATO was a viable entity--the current situation in Afghanistan has refuted that. I propose that we dismantle the Cold War institutions and drop the deadwood. Perhaps we can form a new alliance of the Anglosphere and a few others that will not be constrained by our feckless "allies" in NATO or the UN.


Scotty & Tory T,I really don't think JF is the sort of person it's worth trying to engage in rational debate with. His/her comments should I suppose be insulting to our country but as they are really rather nonsensical it would be better if they are just ignored. Eventually JF, will get bored and go away.


But Malcolm, Stotty, and Tory since I concede your complains and believe that we Americans should make amends(for example allow British Companies to bid on our contracts with the same rules that apply to American Companies), but would you three concede the validity of my complaints?

But also keep in mind that the West need to show a unified and strong position against the Islamists today, the same way it did in 1683 when the forces of Dars al Islam got smashed at the gates of Vienna.

I am not sure who said this, but it does sum up what the situation with the terrorists is today

"we shall fight them at the Danube or we shall fight them at the Thames"


Tory T,

The US is ruining the "special relationship?" Are you for real? Have you read some of your gawd awful newspapers, watched your ridiculous BBC, or laughed at your stupid TV shows where every slander, slur, malicious and insulting comment is never to terrible to say about Americans, and all to the delight of a majority of your citizens. We are barely human as far as you are concerned. That, darlin', is what is killing the damn "special realationship." Not the lack of an invitation to the White House and not George Bush. An American couldn't find a modicum of respect in your media if he found a cure for cancer, cured global warming, hunger, poverty and walked on water. Americans are sick to death of you and the rest of Europe, and a growing number couldn't care less whether you exist or not. Try it on for size, it is what we have been getting from Europe for decades...now it's your turn.



I thought this was BritainandAmerica.com

I came here because I wanted to go to a place where I could hook up with some cool Brits that liked us and some other Americans that loved the Brits as much as I do. Come on, we are all family here. I don't want see this flinging insult nonsense. I can go to the Kos if I want to see that kind of bile. Everyone just take a breath.

Hey, I am passing through London this summer on my way to Greece. Any suggestions as to a good pub I should get pissed in?

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