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Bravo! Well done, guys! :D

You've got another winner here.

Tim Montgomerie

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As an American, the Oscar debacle was more than I could stomach and I stopped listening to the green debate at that point. While at a self-glorifying event that probably consumed more energy in one night than I will in my entire lifetime, the “Idols of Indulgence”, in their Armani suits and Vera Wang dresses, were sitting around lecturing the little people on our gluttony.

I find it truly ironic that a group of individuals who prance around using their own extravagance to further enrich themselves, believe that we are the ones who need to improve our immortal souls. And The Oscars: a function that serves no other purpose than to invite it's participants to congratulate each other on being nothing more than entertainers. It doesn't save lives. It doesn't feed or clothe children. It doesn't house the homeless. It does apparently allow these hypocrites an opportunity to wag their fingers at the people that have afforded them the very lifestyles they are blustering about.

Perhaps if these people spent less money on their dresses and more on helping to rescue children from the sex slave trade in Cambodia or Thailand, I could see some credibility in their message. Perhaps if they took a page from Daryl Hannah's book, I would actually take the time to listen. But I won't. Because the fact of the matter is, as one of the little people, I have better things to do with my time. Like try to save lives, donate money to feed and clothe children and and find ways house the homeless......

And as I understand it, since Britain only accounts for around 2% of global emissions, you should tell Hollywood, Mr. Cameron, his taxes and the Independent to kiss your proverbial arses.

Leigh Harwood

I totally agree with the last comment. The rich and powerful are afforded the luxury of principle, because their wealth permits them the indulgence of professing virtue as opposed to living it. Leaders should lead by example, PERIOD! They have to live by the same standards and means that they expect of others; anything short of this is tantamount to HYPOCRISY! Give up your private jets, fleet of cars, mansions, etc and make do with the same MODEST means as the working classes - and then and only then will I listen to you. As it goes, put your money where you mouth is or remain silent!

Abraham Lincoln once defined a hypocrite as this: 'The man who murdered both his parents and then pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan'.

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