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We may be sister parties in name, but Conservative policies seem far more similar to Democrat policies these days. What do UK Conservatives stand for, what is the central theme of the Conservative party that differentiates it from Labor?

Tory T

Really? Have you seen Bush's stance on illegal immigration and drunken-sailor spending?

Cameron seems substantially to the right, especially fiscally, of the free-spending pork-loving GWB.


Tory, I was considering a cleverly suitable rebuttal to your complaint, but you're right.

While the Democrats keep pretending that they were handed a mandate by the Peepul to get us out of Iraq, the fact of the matter is that it was the spending and still-wide-open borders that caused so many Republicans to stay home from the polling places during the Congressional election.

If they'd bother to do a genuinely RESPONSIBLE poll instead of those smoke and mirror tricks with the loaded questions and limited answers, they'd KNOW that.

Right now, the only thing that keeps me voting for Republicans is that the Democrats are freakin' Marxists.


Tory T, it's true that Bush has been spending more than is warranted. But he also cut taxes massively while prosecuting two wars--let's see your leadership pull a similar trick.

Illegal immigration is infuriating, but technically, it's not a conservative or liberal matter. Illegal immigration is pro-business (cheap labor), which is conservative, but is against the national security instincts of conservatives. Illegal immigration provides votes to Democrats, but also weakens their union base.


Tory just what is wrong with Pork?

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