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Peter Hatchet

Looks like Fraiser!


If he has as good a chance as Rudy to defeat the democrat than he'll get my backing. He looks very interesting and is gaining momentum.


He hasn't yet thrown his hat into the ring formally, but he's already polling on the same level as the Conservative establishment's poster boy Mitt Romney in the GOP primary polls. And he beats Hillary in the hypothetical matchups.

Incidentally, here he is on "Global Warming":


Andrew Ian Dodge

More importantly he is sound on constitutional issues. He is fairly clearly a strict constitutionalist who is not afraid to call things as they are viz the Constitution.

A good man that should he run deserves to win. (My first choice is Rep Ron Paul.)

Andrew Fenton

"Incidentally, here he is on "Global Warming":"

Wow, he's a climate expert too? Amusing all these politicians think their uninformed opinions matter. If you haven't studied the issues and have any peer reviewed material on the subject, then it's just so much gas.


His little sound bite is no indication of how much he has read to draw his conclusion. What makes you so sure he isn't informed well enough Andrew? Because he's not a believer? Even the one counter phenomenon he does speak of is very significant. I've read the counter to that and without getting into a GW debate in this thread a huge hole can be poked through it. But who am I, right. His opinion does matter tho, especially if he's preparing to run for president. I'd say it matters more than Gore's.


Gildas... thanks for posting that link to Fred Thompson's comments on GW. It sounds familiar to me... something I've been saying since NASA reported the global warming on Mars back in 2001.

The truly frightening part of this is that NASA started reporting other planets' warming six years ago, and the story hasn't "leaked" out to the general population. I can't tell you how many people are startled when they hear about it!

I had already decided that Thompson was "my man in 2008", but this clinched it! :D

I PRAY that he runs!

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