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Tim Proctor

What absolute rubbish. The reason there is terror in Iraq is quite simple, we that's the US and Britain created it by our ill advised, ill conceived, and given the evidence to date, probably illegal invasion of Iraq. Saddam Hussein hated Al Qaeda, he ran a secular state. The three current warring parties in Iraq would have cut each other's throats long ago if it weren't for Saddam and his iron hand. Stop trying to justify a foolish and insupportable war by bringing up all this specious nonsense. The so called 'War on Terror' has done more to give Al Qaeda recruits than just about any other act, other than perhaps our continuing blind support for Israel.
If this standard of reporting is what your internet TV channel is all about then I'm not very impressed


Dan, are you seeing this? Are you sure you still want people like Tim Proctor as your allies?


People like Tim don't contribute anything constructive. Imagine: focusing on the most inhumane murderers of innocents on this planet to be destroyed in the hope of peace, and he hates it. His answer is no answer. He does not care. Thousands of miles away in a land of freedom secured from tyranny with the blood of our veterans, and he raises his enlightened fist.


We could take al-Maliki more seriously if he addressed himself and his government in word or deed to the equal problem of Shia and /or Iranian sponsored terrorism. Until he does this the civil war in Iraq will go on.


A big problem with Shia has been the problem with Muqtada al Sadr. The "surge" has been in effect for about 4 weeks now and still in its infancy. Al-Maliki made it clear before it began there would be no more negotiations and Sadr knew it. He's been in Iran ever since; there are no signs of his return in spite of what a few of his followers have told a very willing media.

This from Bill Rogio's "The Fourth Rail," one of the most informative sites on what's taking place in Iraq:

"The U.S. has been working on discrediting Sadr and undercutting his power base in the Mahdi Army out from under him for almost a year. The U.S. and Iraqi security forces fought pitched battles against Sadr's forces in Amara, Diwaniya and elsewhere in southern Iraq. There have been numerous raids and arrests of Mahdi Army leaders and political lieutenants in Baghdad and throughout the south."

"Darraji [the mayor of Sadr City] has welcomed the Americans and supported the establishment of the Joint Security Center, where U.S. and Iraqi troops and police will maintain security and run patrols."

Now there are still Shia and Kurd death squads but in this past month they have not allowed themselves to be drawn into the fray. There are no guarantees, but so far...

The object right now is to reduce the violence in Baghdad where the overwhelming casualties have taken place. That means arresting, or killing, the leadership of the Sunni terrorist organizations (there are over a dozen of them), as well as the technicians (bomb builders, bomb deployment supervisors, suicide bomber recruiters and handlers) required to carry out the attacks. These are aided by al Qaeda and other Islamic fanatics who see infidel (non-Moslem) troops in the Middle East as something worth killing and dying for.

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