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David Boothroyd

I'm glad the Tories acknowledge that "London belongs to Ken".


London has nothing to do with Britain - it is a place where foreigners congregate and pretend to be British - no doubt with nine British passports !

The main recruiting areas for the British Army are Scotland and the North of England, largely Yorkshire. For many people they see it as the place their sons are working in hazardous conditions rather than a dinner party topic before snorting coke in Notting Hill


42% of scots think the war was right? Aye, right!

Peter Hatchet

How on earth does Scotland have such a high-level of support for the Iraq War?

My experience is that Scots are on the whole much more pacifist than the English, detest trident and resentful of themselves being committed into "British" wars.

The fact that the sample size for this assertion is only 88 people doesn't inspire me with much confidence either.


Tim Montgomerie

I think you make a good point about sample size, Peter.

Struan Jamieson

Quite right too- everytime I visit London, I feel I am visiting a foreign city- you don't see many Londoners- you don't hear a cockney voice, you don't hear a British accent. I might as well be in Lagos or Rawlpindi

Matt Davis

Don't forget that London also contains the greatest number of Muslim Britons and Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds have mostly been very firmly against the Iraq war from the very start. George Galloway got elected in London on that very point alone.


Not many people even Labour voters are proud of Ken Livingstone David. Would you vote for a baboon if he wore a red rosette?
As regards the poll I simply don't believe it's accurate. Left wing Scotland and Lib Dem Southwest England are hardly more likely to support this war than other parts of the country.
Tomtoms point about recruitment for the Armed forces is pretty irrelevant to seeing as the numbers involved are relatively small.


Agreed... the sample number is so small that it is more a "straw poll" than a scientific poll. I would call it as "valid" as an Internet poll, where users can log in and vote as many times as they wish via whatever acess they have to different computers and e-mail addresses ;).

For instance, I have access (right now) to 10 e-mail addresses and about 400 PCs. I can expand my e-mail addresses at will. Online polls that even bother to track users use either the e-mail address or the individual computers' IP address. If I wanted to "bend" the stats on an online poll, I could do it readily by myself. But why bother, since an online poll means nothing to anyone who matters?

Just as a poll with a sample of only 88 responders doesn't matter.

One can ALSO "bend" the stats on a regular "scientific" poll by asking confusing or misdirecting questions, or by stopping the polling when you reach the results you want ;).

A sample of 88 is preposterous.


After writing the above comment, I spotted the following comment in the article posted:

"ICM interviewed a random sample of 1,019 adults across the country by telephone between 2 and 4 March this year."

1,019 is still a low number for polling (TOO low, IMHO) but it isn't 88.

Was the 88 figure for the number of Scots interviewed, maybe?


After studying the stats, I agree that too much "weight" was given to London.

Giving polls more "weight" in large cities is another way to skew results. For instance, US polls have a tendency to give too much weight to New York City and Los Angeles, as if there were no land in between.


Seems just to confirm the wisdom of Londoners to me. The "foreigners" whom some on here think are so prevalent in London would not be part of such a poll.

Bearing in mind that our Party is having a storming come-back in London just now, isn't it time that the party took even more notice of Londoners' sensible outlook on international matters?

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Oh, and a poll: Obama or McCain?

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