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Kevin Sampson

I'm not surprised it's popular on this side of the Atlantic, but the real question is, how is it doing in Europe?

LC Mamapajamas

Yup... that's My Man Bolton! :D

God, I love that guy! :D


I don't. I think he loses America friends every time he opens his mouth. A complete disaster in any international role.

Andrew Smith

By the sound of it John Bolton is simply wanting to destroy the UN by pulling its funding to reduce it to even more of a talking shop than it is now. He should have the honesty to come out and say this.

The international system and individuals are two very different spheres and should be treated as such. Like it or not states are part of an international system and one Country exercising its liberty will have a direct affect on many others.

We need to be careful, the UN is the one institution that states can come together in. Without it many small states would feel vulnerable and the world could become a more dangerous place.

I do not take the liberal position of wishing for a stronger UN but a weaker UN is equally as worrying. The US does not have the hegemonic ability to impose security across the world. As this is the case, the UN as an outlet for mediation is a more welcome part of the international system than some would let on.

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