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Mistakes are made...shit happens...that is what history is all about. You can't change them but you can learn from them. I'm British & proud of it. Proud of our history & empire but...empires are held together by blood & the sword & so have no place in todays modern world.
As for the Falklands. The population is British. They wish to remain so & so be it. Maybe Argentina should learn talking to the Islanders & respecting their views if they wish to make any progress in the islands. In Northern Ireland the population should be given a vote to stay with the Union or join the Republic. Majority vote wins. Period!
Hong Kong was given back because of the lease expiring & in reality there was no way Britain could keep it by force from a country the size of China. Lets be realistic here...why fight a war half a world away when you have little chance if any of winning?
Then there is the Yanks. No matter how much certain folks put them down most of us know we'd be fucked without them. They are the world's policeman like it or not & I for one think the world would be a worse place without them keeping the bad guys in check. You'll always get the odd Yank here & there that'll support anyone against the Brits because their family probably originates from an ex colony or something similar but in general I think most of them are pro British...as are most Brits pro Yank.

Mike Swartz

It does not matter what we do for the Brits, we are still the bad guys. It's about time we cut the ingrates loose and start supporting our neighbors.

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Christopher Wilson

I remember all too well the Falklands. Before the invasion, I had never even heard of them, and I don't think most people in Britain had to. I thought, how can it be that Argentina has invaded an Island off Scotland, and that was followed by our response of sending a Frigate. This made me think, don't the Royal Navy patrol U.K. waters all the time ? Anyway, I understand why we had to fight, and Thatcher was right. It was because Argentina invaded using military force. In such circumstances, there really is no alternative. Even if, in theory, you could argue that the Islands belong more to Argentina, than Britain, 8,000 miles away. I also remember, as events unfolded, how Anti-British Jean Kirkpatrick was. There is no guesses as to why that was. That was blatantly obvious. To me, the good people were Reagan, even Haig, but most of all Casper Weinberger. What a great friend to Britain, Weinberger proved to be. I can even remember him saying, if we lose an aircraft-carrier, he will replace it. It is such situations like this that make me feel, deep down, we will always need, and like the US, and hopefully, they feel the same way about Britain. It was no easy task for the US to support Britain, during the Falklands, because Argentina was her best ally, in South America. It just goes to show, however, that when crunch comes to crunch, blood really is thicker than water.


The British Empire is dead and gone.Like the frogs you limeys are legends of your own minds.

fuck america

fuck america.

Nike Jordan

Honesty may be the best policy, but it's important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy.


From USN, Ret.:
A relative overheard CNO Hayward at the time curse up a storm that the USN would not be allowed to do more to assist the Brits. Adm. Hayward left the Navy shortly after. Of course my ship was in direct comm with the Brits passing sat intel the entire time.


I personally think that the US needs to keep our noses in our own country. That way you all can piss on each other instead of pissing on us. No matter who we help were always said to be on the wrong side or we gave this to them etc.... Fight your own fights, start to finish, with your own weapons and supplies. Then you all can just yell at each other years after the fact. HAVE FUN!

PS. Remember all that have served on this Armistice / Remembrance / Veterans Day


Despite the political vacillations of various politicians I believe that the British and American population on the whole know who they would rather stand with when push comes to shove. There have been inumerable mistakes but fundamentally the english speaking peoples across the world are a force for tolerance, democracy and freedom of choice and these represent the most important legacy for the world and must not be sacrificed on the alter of short term political expediency.

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