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A BBC comparable to our own PBS would be acceptable. But since it is not so, a sustained campaign culminating in the privatization of the BBC must be initiated. The BBC has been shown time and again to be a partisan organization. Why not make it a plank of the Conservative Party to eliminate the license fee? The rest will take care of itself.

Peter Hatchet


But, as I've mentioned before, let us not flatter the BBC by calling them "Liberals" - they are anything but.

Liberal means giving freedom and liberty to people, not statism and interference.

We must stop humouring the left by calling them "progressive" and "liberal". They are not. We are.

There's a good word for them; "Lefties".

Wayne Bridges

Tell us something we didn't know already!


"The BBC is profoundly secular and regards religious belief as mere superstition."

- You mean it isn't?

"...in favour of single motherhood"

- What the hell does this even mean?

Marky Bunny

I have called it for the last ten years "The Blair Broadcasting Corporation" now it will be simply be the "Brown Broadcasting Corporation". I have to agree it has always been pro-labour, anti-Conservative, anti-American, and anti-Isreal. You only have to look at its biased coverage of the Lebannon last year to see that. I resent to paying £135 a year for the left-wing propaganda we get. If the Tories want a vote winner at the next election, pledge to get rid of TV License fee, and force the BBC to be the same as all the other broadcasters.

Oba of Benin

Dear Jack,

I see that you regard religion as mere superstition. You should ask yourself why the BBC chooses to mock christianity but respects 'the prophet mohammed'.

The BBC does not treat all religions equally.


They do represent the Left, but as the Left morph in antagonism toward traditional Western values they are not really anti-religious. They are very much anti-Christianity and Judaism, but pro-Islam. They are secular but willing bed partners with the enemy of their enemy.


I just discovered you good folks, but will chime in here for the first time.

Without doubt, the most pernicious aspect of the BBC is the extorted public financing. While we have that in America with PBS, PBS is far from being influential. Leftist, yes, but rarely watched except by children.

I have satellite at my home, and pay approximately $600 per year for the service. That is 300 pounds at today's exchange rate. BBC is one of 300 channels I get, so I think it's safe to say that we pay less for BBC than you do.


"Leftist, yes, but rarely watched except by children" - HerrMorgenholz

The "children" - isn't that the most dangerous aspect of all this?

John Marsh

Should civil disobedience be used? Should we stop paying the licence fee?

Teddy Bear

John - unless you want to support the corruption and bias spread by this corporation to the detriment of our own society....

A very good site that will empower you is http://www.tvlicensing.biz


gednick, re: ""Leftist, yes, but rarely watched except by children" - HerrMorgenholz

"The "children" - isn't that the most dangerous aspect of all this?"

He's talking about Sesame Street and other educational programming. It's only on the news and political programming that PBS is to the left.

Wait... come to think of it... "Only Cookie Monster can eat cookies! You should eat lots of carrots and beans!"

Never mind. Point understood!


I think you should just keep bringing individual lawsuits against the BBC for fraud. Discredit them publicly by keeping the words "Bias" and "BBC" tied together in the newspapers.

Can an individual sue the BBC in GB? Or are they protected?


Beth, you're assuming that the MSM in the UK wouldn't conspire to ignore the lawsuits. They're all in league to cover up the truth.

The only solution is to eliminate the license fee. The only way to cure the plague that is the BBC is to starve it.

Teddy Bear

To give you some idea of their present omnipotency; Following numerous accusations of anti-Israel bias, in 2004 the BBC commissioned an ombudsman, Michael Balen to review their coverage of the area. When his report was later requested to be released by numerous members of the public and various organisations under the Freedom of Information act, the BBC refused.

Now after several court cases, and spending hundreds of thousands of license fee pounds later to fight the release of this document, the High Court said last friday the BBC doesn't have to make it public.

Bear in mind the BBC is not a private media company but a publicly supported organisation that in a moral social framework should be totally transparent to its public, and have no problem coming under scrutiny.

They claim they fought this case purely on a point of law, and not because they have anything to hide.

yeah sure!

Dinesh Patel

The BBC should be renamed BBCIslam as of immediate effect and funded by the Islamic Council of Great Britain.

Teddy Bear

Dinesh, what do you think of the new BBC Logo?

Teddy Bear

Dinesh Patel

well... at least it's honest!

whoever designed that should design the Olympic logo.

British Patriot

It is not just misreporting it is ACTIVELY being used as a tool of Repressive Psychological Warfare using Shame and Guilt on the British Public.This has to be stopped.

Think about it, what Do our Media Show month after Month after Month....Ian Huntley, Fred West, Beverly Allet, the Dunblane Massacre, the Black Panther Murders, the Stephen Lawrence Murder, Dr Shipman Peter Sutcliffe, Damiola Taylor, Chris Langham, MichaelBarrymore, the Guy in the Portugal Maddelaine case, Notice the Link...that's right, ALL AngloSaxon British Murderers, that's all our Govt and Press report. Want to know what the real cause of crime is in the UK.

Here's the Mets 12 Most wanted list..Remember I didn't compile this list, the Police did

Here's their 15 Most wanted

Yet More.

Still not convinced.

Ever see these Innocent British Victims .

More of the Governments Victims that you have never heard of on the News.

More Slaughter of the British

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