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Alan S

This man is the only thing between the west and defeat in Iraq. God help us if his mission fails.


I would put it this way Alan. He's the only general between the Left who have been against this war, America and Bush from the beginning hoping for defeat, and the necessary time for Iraqi security forces to take charge.

He is very cautious in his answers, typical of him when facing the press. I read those on the ground giving very specific details on a daily basis and like the outlook of many, mine is cautious yet distinctly positive if, we are allowed to complete the task.

The moral of our forces and an ever growing majority of the Iraqis is high. On a weekly basis Iraqi forces are gaining in all areas of capability while al-Queda is being decimated. This ever-present reality like so much positive news will never be reported by media giants.

Alan S

Thank you Steevo. I agree with all you write.


I can appreciate why you give honor. From all I've read from the men on the ground he's regarded as the most inciteful in his experience, and determined. That confidence is kinda rare.

Let's hope.

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