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Umbrella man

I fear that McCain will lose both.

Tony Hannon

"He urged the Democrats to stop playing politics with the war"????

He's a Republican for goodness sake. It's unbelieveable what Republicans can get away with saying. They and their rancid sounding board have played politics with everything from Sept 11th to stem cells!!!!


I would agree with more of what McCain says than disagree. Petraeus mission is the last hope that that the US has. He, (Petraeus) is according to Thomas Ricks (Washington Post defence correspondent) by far the most able American general in theatre and if anyone can make something out of this sorry mess he can.
Whilst I believe that much of Americas and Britains policy has made Iran and the terrorists much stronger we are where we are and I would agree with McCains claim that arbitary timetables benefit only our enemies.


If the Left (EU, major media, and even the UN) backed our efforts wanting freedom from tyranny and terror instead of sordid anti-Americanism and Islamo-fascist sympathies, and didn't fight our every step... this would have been a different war.

Those Democrats that hopped on board the initial war's efforts were riding a wave of popular support. Now of course most have turned their backs on an unpopular war in the face of a more vocal hard-core constituency, tho apparently most Americans still don't wanna cut and run. They have disregarded the consequences for America's image if we pull out; the consequences for the majority of Iraqi people wanting the hope of freedom; the power balance and potential major war in the region; and a massive area for terror bases fueled by a potential nuclear Iran, highly motivated to bring destruction to the West. It seems now, with the exception of Leiberman, the only war they care to wage is to see a defeated George Bush.

"Democrat attacks on his support for George Bush’s Iraq strategy have seen him lose his front runner status in the race for the Republican nomination." I would argue with that, he needs conservative votes. I think if anything its helped him, tho I still believe his is a lost cause at this point.

Teddy Bear

Malcolm, it's a pleasure to agree with nearly all that you write above.

The only statement I would question is "Whilst I believe that much of Americas and Britains policy has made Iran and the terrorists much stronger .."

It is expected that when one opposes an enemy they will launch more weapons. The campaign in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the assistance of our own leftwing media, has become a focal point to 'justify' increased terror attacks. this was always going to happen whenever the West decided it had had enough of being threatened by these factions.

The strategy of appeasement or 'ignore-ance', as employed by Clinton, merely means allowing the enemy to achieve their nefarious ends without resistance. Then their 'strength' is not apparent, but exists just the same.


OT, Michael Yon has an excellent piece about British forces in Basra,



The British are planning future operations. These soldiers are so good that I have requested from British commanders to be allowed to stay longer.


Thanks John, as usual he's the next best thing to being there. He's in my faves but because of our stupid Senior Public Affairs officers I haven't been to his site recently. Gotta love those Brits.


McCain was never the front runner and his support for the war in Iraq is not the reason why he is not the front runner. His support for the war is one of his very few saving graces. All the candidates for the Republican nomination are strong supporters of our efforts in Iraq. Can't win the Republican primary as a cut and run candidate. McCain has not chance of winning and never did, despite the fawning coverage of this "Maverick" by the MSM.

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