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An excellent article. The thought that the ABM systems of today could possibly hold back Russia's vast arsenal is absurd in any case, regardless of the true reasons the US is developing such defences.

If the Guardian would wake up to the fact that the Cold War is over, they might notice how self-centred the Kremlin's position is on this subject. US policy isn't just about them anymore. I suppose most Great Powers have this problem after they lose their pre-eminence. At least the US is sensible enough to push ahead anyway with missile defence. Pity Britain isn't joining them.


This could be a welcome development. Restart the arms race and bankrupt Russia again, thus weakening one of Iran's, North Korea's, and the Arab World's largest sponsors.


Russia's threats are just laughable.
Mobile missile launchers, er...even the US has moved from that and silo-based MX missiles, given the truly vast cost of mobile deployment.
Move their submaires to the North Pole where they are undetectable, er yeah right. Few Russian subs put to sea these days as they can barely afford to run them, and those that do are fairly easily tracked by British and American SSNs.
For dialogue read "treat us with respect as a proto-superpower rather than some oil-kleptocracy with a lot of rusting missiles" and "yes you can build some ABM systems but you must share the technology with us"...when hell freezes


Don't the Russians realise how ridiculous they sound? "How outrageous that the USA are trying to defend themselves!"


Putin also hates the fact that old satellite states like Poland and the Czech Republic are cooperating with the USA --- Iran's Great Satan.


I keep thinking of the Guardian as Islamo-fascist lovers, but they're commie-lovers too.


Steevo, not much difference between those two camps these days. George Galloway is the perfect evidence.


Is this supposed to be news? It has been one of the long-standing arguments against the Star Wars plan that it will cause this sort of response from the Russians and the Chinese.

What should really alarm us is whether we are eroding the Russians' trust for dealing with their arsenal and making sure it's all kept safe and accounted for. If that breaks down, and Russia attempts to maintain the security of it's nuclear arsenal on it's own then Star Wars will have made us much, much, much less safe.


Adam, the idea that Russia is a responsible arms dealer has long ago lost credibility. Or haven't you heard about their arms sales to Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran? Let alone building Iran's nuclear reactor.

In other words, we're only unsafe so long as we put our trust in them. Once we have fully implemented missile defense, we will no longer need to put our security in their hands.


Adam Putin nor the Chicoms believe we're gonna nuke them first strike. Now that things have opened up in this 21st century who are they kidding, you know?

Samuel Coates

From what I understand, it doesn't affect Russia's ability to target the US anyway. The fastest route for their missiles is over the poles, not over Europe.

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