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The Turbanhater

Here in America we know this is nothing new. Anti Americanism has always existed amongst countries with less influence. It pisses off countries and peoples that we’re only 231 years old and we influence the world. On one day we are told to stay out of the worlds business and on the next day it is demanded why won’t America do something to help whoever. Many of us are sick and tired of much of the world and its belly aching.

Beyond all of this, I am an Xbox Live member and have made many friends from the UK. I have never had or heard of any yanks and brits having anything else but a great time gaming together.


As an American I also have an overall negative view of our culture even tho there's still a lot of good. The problem I find with many not from here is they have no problem taking liberties emphasizing with egotist glee all the negatives they see or wanna see here. I can't do that with another nation, unless provoked into a comparison of sorts.

* 1% saw George W Bush as a "great leader" and 43% thought of him as a "terrible leader". 15% deemed him "reasonably satisfactory". 34% thought him "pretty poor". 86% don't believe BUSH IS TEH HITLER?

* 58% agreed that America is essentially an "imperial power". Maybe that reflects some simple priorities misunderstood.

*Only 11% thought America cares what the rest of the world thinks. I wish. Tell that to our roll-over-and-die Dems.

*90% thought it had a lot of violent crime and was dominated by big business, 60% thought it uncaring, 72% unequal, 65% vulgar, 75% badly led. In comparison to... the UK? Germany? France? Russia? A true reflection of a people led by popular media.

My experience with online gaming was not bad although I no longer have the time. There was a snooty air from some Brits but by and large we had a good time. A few even visited others across the ocean with solid friendships. There probably would have been more if us Yanks were 20 points higher in IQ.


I don't think it's Anti-Americanism, it's Anti-Bush. Most people would say (I would hope) that the US is a vital and staunch friend and that their personal experience of American people is overwhelmingly positive and charming but that the current Mr President is not exactly a great advertisement of that fact. Mr Blair is hardly a great advertisement of anything remotely positive either, mind, but that's another point and not, presumably, within the purview of this survey...

Sandy P

They said the same about Ronnie Raygun.

W is the excuse.

Cold War is over, the alliance was unnatural, world just going back to what it was before, difference is now we have the net to actually read and listen to what you guys say about us.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Neil Reddin

I expect if the Dems win in 08, things will change - with someone in the White House that shares the BBC liberal world-view we will see a marked drop-off of anti-American (for which read anti-Bush) stories and British public opinion of the US will drift back into the net positive.

K. Hardy


You have really tapped into the great American mind here. An online gamer called the Turbanhater. Does he really hate all the Sikhs?

"It pisses off countries and peoples that we’re only 231 years old and we influence the world." No not really, its just that you don't have a good track record on some issues over recent years.

Sadly I think you have attractd some real out of the way opinions here that do nothing to rebuild the special relationship destroyed, in part, by Bush.

People in Britain were much happier with Clinton and Bush Snr - but like many Americans we in Britan see Bush for what he is. I support the War, love many aspects of US culture and respect our allies across the pond - but Bush is a weak President led by bad advisors and when the history books are written I'm sure this will come out.

I'm sure Steevo will have something to say about this, but I don't think he represents mainstream opinion in the US.


I like Americans as people, and I completely understand their Governments policies as they do things in their own national interest. I think the problem is really with us (the British) the fact that there is this belief that we have a special relationship is total rubbish. We certainly share values but then we also share values with most Liberal Democracies, the big difference is we share a language but understandably that is not enough for the US to look beyond its own national interest. In the end the problem is our (and this sites) irrational belief in things like the Anglosphere where english speaking peoples are supposed to be nicer to each other, nonsense. Countries always have and always will look after their own national interest, the sooner we British accept that the sooner we can do what is in "our" best interest, whatever that may be. By the way before anyone thinks that is a coded reference to closer integration with the EU it is not it is an honest desire to be unbiased in what is in Britain's best interests.

david Ward

If you think the US is in the Middle-East just for its own national interest you need to look a little further. Most of the oil goes to Europe.

It is a pity but a good part of the world leans on the US for its own protection.These countries would never admit this but it is a fact.

That the US has the military and economic sway allows these countries the freedom to be sit high on their self righteous thrones and be critical of most things American. And you American commentators are deluded if you think this is a Bush related problem.

The time may well come that the US accedes to the entreaties, normally for domestic comsumption (we really do not mean to be critical of the US) however false, of these foreign countries, and withdraws from most foreign posts.

Then of course you will be able to rely on the erstwhile support of the newly emerging democratic Russia and its friends, Iran and Venezuala.


Living in China I appreciate America more than ever. It's the only country in the West willing to be an active force for our common values. Look at the joke Britain's become. If only the US of the 1930s was as vital as it is now, possibly.
By the way, I can't even open this site in China without a proxy server...


Hang in there Keir, thanks for posting.

K.Hardy, I can't say for sure but I suspect most Americans would judge folks from the UK largely how they would judge us. In other words not by your Prime Minister.

Don't be surprised by my responses mate. There's reasons, don't you know?

The Turbanhater

K hardy wrote..."No not really, its just that you don't have a good track record on some issues over recent years"

Man does this persons post make my point. Whine at us one minute and have your hand out the next. The great American mind is sick of your ilk. Now we will still sacrifice our blood and treasure to save you and yours but don't ever think we are not sick and tired of those who think like you.

Conservative Homer

People dislike America because its the most free country in the world. Freedoms arent always used properly, and in a world driven by media hysteria and sensationalism, one or two 'religious' nuts (though probably just 'nuts' alone would be closer to the truth) who blow up abortion clinics, or the odd 'marginalised' teenager who shoots up a school, and all of a sudden a country that grants religious, or gun, or whatever freedoms to the law abiding majority is seen as bad.

As Jefferson said -
"A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither"

Despite the efforts of some of its politicians, the USA has suceeded in this more than most countrys. They have the ACLU, and a host of other freedom promoting organisations, we have, *shudder* the BBC.


I find it interesting that you will "decide" to "like" us again once we have elected a president of whom you approve. You really are the limit, and I wouldn't be surprised that when you decide to "like" us again that you won't find many Americans caring one way or the other. Your contempt and dislike of America doesn't happen in a vacuum any longer, and thanks to the net, on-line newspapers, forums, and blogs more and more of us are aware of Europe's hate. Funny part about this is those of us who used to be Europhiles are returning your feelings and are beginning to despise you, and those who never cared about Europe still don't.

K. Hardy

Turbanhater - your name online name is possibly racist and you are, quite frankly, stupid. You and your ilk get your country a bad name with your crass comments. Thank the good Lord that not all Americans are like you.

Ami, the vast majority of Americans disapprove of your President - I am therefore in agreement with most Americans - possible I am more mainstream than you are.


The negative statistics regarding attitudes to the USA should come as no surprise. The soft lefties employed in the media and in particular most dangerously and insidiously by the dreaded BBC pedalling their anti American propaganda has managed apparently to brain wash much of the population. It is all very sad.
One of my favourite haunts is the village of Lambourn in Berkshire where there are two plaques: one in thanks and praise of a young American pilot who decided to stay with his stricken bomber and steer it away from the village, his sacrifice thus sealing his fate; the other plaque commemorates the men of the 101st (I believe that to be the correct unit) Airborne that trained in stayed in Lambourn before Normandy where many lost their lives.

As for America being an "imperial power" - if only. Read the history of Islam to understand imperialism. GWB will eventually be recognised as a courageous president and his opponents probably as dross.

God Bless America and thanks a bundle to the Yanks.

"75% said America was making the world a worse place to live…………..


K. Hardy, let me put Ami's point in a different way. GWB was elected President twice by the American people, which was our endorsement of the policies you so hate. That you condition your favor on the election of a new president comes across as a condemnation of the American people, not just our President. The Democrats hardly engineered a revolution in the most recent elections, having a majority of one in the Senate and 16 in the House. The spectacular failure of the Democrats to enact any important legislation speaks to this fact.

In other words, you are headed for another disappointment if you expect that the US will suddenly resemble Britain after the next elections. The more you and your friends on the Left arbitrarily hate us, the less influence you have. After all, why should we take your opinion into consideration when we are condemned no matter what we do? It's time you realized that the United States, as a country, is to the right of your country on most matters.


Oh here we go its all those lefty liberal bbc media those stupid Brits r 2 stoopid to think for them selves.....................

Get real.

K. Hardy


Bush did not get the most votes in 2000 and his popularity rating very poor - about the same a Nixon during Watergate I think you'll find! Equally, even the White House saw the midterms as a but-kicking so stop trying to fool yourself.

How many times do I have to say that I do not dislike America or Americans. Read my first post on this topic. We have friends and family in the States, I watch your films, read your books, listen to your music, and study your History. I even respect your political system, which I find most interesting.

However, like many of your fellow countrymen, I think that Bush and his crew have not done a great job. Equally though, I worry about a Clinton Presidency - now that could be a real problem and will make even me look back on Bush's reign as a golden age.


601, with spelling like that, who knows. Based on the BBC's outlook of the world, I'm sure most British believe that you'll be better off under Russian, Chinese, or Islamist dominion.

K. Hardy, the "thumpin" that occurred in the 2006 elections referred to the shock of losing control of the legislative branch. Since then, the shock has worn off as the GOP has seen how craven and incompetent the Democratic leadership has acted.

Regarding the 2000 elections, your statement only betrays your misunderstanding of our electoral system, which is based on the Electoral College, not a direct election of the President; this disparity happened in 1876 and 1888 as well. As far as Florida is concerned, that has been put to rest. All recounts showed Bush with a lead.


As far as your comment on popularity rating, Harry Truman's popularity rating at the end of his Presidency as in the low 20s, and he is widely regarded as one of our best Presidents; it is not polls which determine greatness, but accomplishments, by which Bush compares favorably.

Has Bush done a great job on the war? No. I can guarantee you that success in the war would turn the polls around, and that this has little to do with ideological disagreements. Americans love nothing more than success.

To interpret all of this, however, as indicating that the US is the greatest danger to the world, that we are making the world a worse place, that our culture has a negative influence, etc. is misguided at best, and malevolent at worst.

K. Hardy

JF, I understand the electoral college but we were talking about Bush's popularity and the electoral college is less of a measure than the popular vote. You are also missing the point on so many other issues - all I am saying is that many Americans dislike Bush, he has never been that popular, save for straight after 9/11.

"To interpret all of this, however, as indicating that the US is the greatest danger to the world, that we are making the world a worse place, that our culture has a negative influence, etc. is misguided at best, and malevolent at worst." I have not said that - others have, but not me. In fact I have said the opposite.


K. Hardy,

"the electoral college is less of a measure than the popular vote"

But you're exactly proving my point, I don't think you appreciate why we have the Electoral College. The Electoral College prevents citizens from big states from dominating citizens from small states. The Electoral College is not inferior to the popular vote.

In any case, it's clear you hate Bush. Understood. And I appreciate that you like America. But I want to prepare you for the next elections. Our system is such that policy cannot undergo radical changes in a short period of time, so if you believe that the US will suddenly "see the light" and embrace the European perspective (i.e. appeasement and surrender), be prepared to be disappointed. Even if the US wanted to adopt a policy of weakness (which I would dispute), it would probably take at least a decade to begin moving in that direction.

K. Hardy

"In any case, it's clear you hate Bush." And so do many Americans. Admit that as well and I can retire to my bedchamber a happy man.

I know everything else you have said - just not sure why you are telling me. It's not relevant to the my original point - People in UK dislike Bush, they don't really hate America, not least because many Americans feel the same way.


K. Hardy:

So because many American polls reflect your feelings about George W. Bush, your anti-Americanism (and Europe's), is justified? Well, now that you have cleared that up, I understand pefectly, except anti-Americanism didn't start with George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan, or Bill Clinton. As a matter of fact Mark Twain (American author) was commenting on it during his lifetime, as was Will Rogers (American personality), and Benjamin Franklin (American statesman, diplomat, and inventor), just to name a few. Nor, will anti-Americanism go away when we finally behave ourselves and elect someone who is acceptable to you. It may be curbed a bit (I doubt it), but it will not go away.

Anti-Americanism is nothing new for Europe, it is as old as we are, and has always existed. The difference now? It has reached significant proportions and Americans can ignore it no longer. It is amazing to me that the very people who would put on a uniform to defend this country, our mutual Western values, and who would gladly help you defend yours are the very people that have earned Europe's special ire and contempt.


K. Hardy, done. Many Americans hate Bush. What I have been trying to point out is that you hate Bush and you're going to hate the next President too, even if he/she is a Democrat, because we will not radically shift policy. In other words, attributing the above poll results only to Bush is wrong. The poll reflects a dislike of American values, whether you want to acknowledge that or not.

I'm glad to have you on our side. However, the crux of my argument is that most of your fellow citizens are opposed to the US, and will continue to hate our country and what we stand for no matter who is President. Electing a new President will not change the poll results.

K. Hardy

Ami read the posts - I DO NOT HATE AMERICA.

By the way, thank you for patronising me. "Mark Twain (American author) was commenting on it during his lifetime, as was Will Rogers (American personality), and Benjamin Franklin (American statesman, diplomat, and inventor" - If you had not told me who they were I would have wallowed in ignorance for the rest of my life.

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