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Kevin Sampson

"Another case for UK-US leadership?"

Not just ‘no’, but HELL NO!

1 There is no way the African members of the UNSC would authorize such an undertaking, so any intervention on our part would be illegal, and we can’t have that.

2 Sudan has oil, therefore any action on the part of the US would be characterized as another war for oil.

3 There would be civilian casualties, with subsequent demands that those responsible be brought before the ICC and tried for war crimes.

4 If this was a joint US-UK operation, there might be instances of fratricide, with results like those now being played out in Britain.

And finally:

Been there, done that, (Somalia)


Hopefully we will take action in this most clear-cut of scenarios. I have little hope that the EU will have the moral backbone to implement economic sanctions against the Sudan (proof: the EU's inaction against Iran in the British sailors/marines incident). If the US does act, we will inevitably be condemned again. I suspect we will have to sit this one out, as most of our "allies" have refused to help us in Iraq and Afghanistan. Time for Old Europe to step up.

It often seems that it must be written into the UN charter that Muslim countries are exempt from the human rights clauses. Sudan, Yemen, Iran, etc. seem able to get away with bloody murder (literally), but the West gets the majority of the criticism from the esteemed UN Human Rights Council (incidentally, also domincated by the OIC).

Drew SW London

There is nothing to be done here but to point a sad finger at Islamic regimes who don't buy the Western ticket on Human Rights.

The oil in Sudan is committed to China; there's no Western interest left to fight for. Beijing will simply not permit the UNSC to address this situation.

Pathetic Proconsular posturing from neo-cons won't save a single Darfuri, but could waste the last few drops of American credibility.

Just walk away.


War! War! War! It is the only way!

Matt Davis

As JF has rightly pointed out the UN, and particularly the UN Security Council is now firmly under the malign influence of the Islamic block. They of course would infinitely prefer yet another motion condemning those damn Jews to doing anything about genocide when that genocide is being committed by their ethnic Arab Muslim brothers largely upon Animist and Christian black Africans. If ever any greater proof were needed of the complete and utter uselessness and wildly pro Islamic bias of the UN then this is it.


I urge the Russians and Chinese to get involved. Both countries have a history of deploying troops abroad - in Poland, Czechoslovakia - and in Vietnam and Korea and Tibet.

As Security Council Permanent Members in a multipolar world it is important for them to bring security to Sudan...sharing the burden of securing the world is an obligation on our Chinese and Russian global partners

Teddy Bear

Normally when you go into a BBC webpage on a particular topic you get related links also posted there.

The BBC claims the page with the most hits on their website is this one:
Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

The story is pretty much as you can imagine from the headlines, but the sad fact is, there is no link to events going on in Darfur on the same page - WHY?


Teddy Bear, how transparent are the BBC's finances?

Teddy Bear

To the best of my knowledge, the corporation's financial dealings are fairly transparent. If by the question you're seeking a motive for their bias there are a few to consider:
1. That certain powerful individuals within the corporation are receiving kickbacks buried in an offshore account.
2. That the overwhelming desire to be the most powerful media organisation in the world, and with Muslims running a large percentage of countries within, means they will appease them at all costs.

I think the latter is the main driving force. Their arrogance knows no bounds. Given the left wing tendencies of most of their staff anyway, even if most are not 'in on it', its not hard to keep the slant the way they do.

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