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Yet Another Anon

George W. Bush seemed to find discussions with Gordon Brown helpful, but George W. Bush only has just over 1.5 years left as President - he is facing a Congress that seems to be looking to rein in overseas military activities and are in conflict much of the time with George W. Bush. Unfortunately George W. Bush is a bit of a lame duck now, he can veto attempts by Congress to force a timetabled withdrawal from Iraq but he has to rely on Congress to agree a budget.

I don't think there is a particularily special relationship with the UK, but rather that the US has close relations with a number of countries around the world, but both government and opposition in the UK have disagreements on a range of issues with the White House and Congress.

I don't see a lot of change though, and am sure that Gordon Brown and John McCain would work well together as well, however if there is a major conflict that the UK seeks to get involved in that if Congress is not favourable that the UK may need to rely more heavily on other states.

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