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fuck him


The "comment" (?) by frank is characteristically put by those so blind they cannot see. Probably, unfortunately, one of my fellow countrymen.

Tony Blair is a brilliant politician and above all a good man.

We in the UK have been so led by the nose by the press - the conduit of omniscience and thus in the end omnipotence - that we have caused the departure of one of the greatest politicians of the last 50 years. His exit was encouraged, of course by his opponents within his own party, and the liberal intelligentsia press - Lippies. Button it.

Blair tried to tell us what we didn't wnat to hear - on domestic as well as international issues.

We're the fools. Well, such as frank are, if you don't mind me saying so.

In fact you are prize fools, whether you mind me saying so or not.

I could have been a lot more to the point.

I still keep the flag flying for Blair at my blog.

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