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So diametrically opposed are the reported views of Giuliani and Brownback on the core life and family issues, that the idea of a Giuliani/Brownback partnership brings to mind sayings about light partnering with darkness!

However perhaps it might work if Giuliani softens his reported liberal views and agrees to appoint socially conservative judges to the Supreme Court – this in my limited understanding about the way things work in the US, is the way to bring about change. Otherwise, could Brownback as VP candidate merely be a token to buy off social conservatives? How much influence and say does a VP have? However I presume a separate conservative presidential candidate would dangerously divide the Republican vote and let in Obama or Hillary.


Let me guess - he was one of the three who don't believe in evolution? :-)


Well Philip your limited view of how things work in the US is more than the overwhelming majority I've seen outside this country; and probably inside.

Some exception is although conservative or strict constructionists elected to the Supreme Court is very significant, it still won't play a major role in directing social change. Our media and educational institutions have the greatest control in my opinion.

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