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Simon Newman

Is the Conservative party broadly in favour of transnational progressivism and elimination of state sovereignty?


With all due respect, the UN is hopelessly corrupt and talk of reform has shown few results. How can an organization whose peacekeepers rape and pillage, whose administrators trade arms and run scams like oil-for-food, have any moral standing when it comes to criticizing any country on human rights abuses?

Wikipedia has a good entry on the Human Rights Council's fetish with Israel, which is as bad as or worse than the Commission's. And this Lord Hannay calls for more participation by human rights violators on the council? Pathetic, and representative of all the moral deficiencies of the liberal Left.

No, the only solution is to destroy the abomination known as the UN and start over the right way.

Teddy Bear

JF - You beat me to it ;o)


> How can the UN improve its human rights advocacy?

The answer is easy...


Until we put our trust in the concept of democracy, the UN will not be a legitimate voice for human rights.


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whatever our interests, our rights are undeniable and must be enforced in any circumstance

Jordan 4

Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice. (Leon Nlum, French statesman)

frederick james wiseman

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