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Why would the BBC want to launch an Arabic television service when the Middle East has already Al-Arabiya?
Why not save their money? Sorry, my mistake ... why not save the money of the British people?
Have to add, though, probably counterproductive to use the word "Islamo-fascists". Better to marginalize the religious fanatics by not calling them Muslim at all and to accomodate the true (moderate) Muslims.


>"Alan...is a brave, dedicated and humane journalist who was deeply committed to reporting events in Gaza to the wider world," BBC director general Mark Thompson said in a statement last month. "The people of Gaza are ill-served by kidnappings of this nature."

>It is of course understandable that the BBC would want to avoid antagonizing Johnston’s captors with tough talk about the illegality of his kidnapping. Yet it’s an odd way to frame this tragedy: The people of Gaza are ill-served by every kidnapping, every senseless atrocity, every merciless act of terrorism—whether it’s directed at journalists or government officials, Palestinians or Jews.

Well it really is not an odd way to frame it. If anything its merely a gross understatement ;-) concerning the truth. Alan Johnston was not an impartial observer, just google his name concerning his reporting there.

You have to admit this is a little revealing, from a hardened Palestinian 'uprising' leader:

April 19,2007

Marwan Barghuti, the charismatic leader of the second Palestinian uprising, on Thursday called for the release of BBC journalist Alan Johnston kidnapped more than a month ago in Gaza.

"From my prison cell and in the name of the 10,000 Palestinian prisoners I call for the immediate release of journalist Alan Johnston, a friend of the Palestinian people," Barghuti said in a statement published by an organisation advocating his release.

hat tip: peter42y at biasedbbc.com


Why would the BBC want to launch an Arabic television service when the Middle East has already Al-Arabiya?

Because Her Majesty's Government in the form of the Foreign Office instructed the BBC to do so and since BBC world Service is funded by the Foreign Office the BBC will comply

Teddy Bear

If anything highlights the maxim about the Palestinians, that they've "never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity" it is the abduction of Johnston. A video released today has him saying pretty much what was his standard reportage. But now saying it while abducted, it makes it appear as if he's forced to say it under duress.

Also this incident has shown fairly conclusively that Hamas is somewhere behind it, with links to the group claiming responsibility for the abduction.
At the weekend, Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas member of the Palestinian government, said that Mr Johnston was healthy and unharmed and efforts to release him were "continuous".

He said he was dealing personally with his captors as part of the efforts to secure his release.

"It is a small group which is holding Alan," Mr Hamad told an audience at the Guardian Hay literary festival. "It is not secret, I met with them, what I know is that Alan is healthy, well and in a very good situation - this is my certain information."

The same Hamas that the BBC panders to as 'freedom fighters', and that Norway has today decided to open full relations with, despite EU and US opposition.

bijan damneshmand

you still miss the most significant point ... the arab satellite channels and the BBC by whitewashing and excusing islamic terrorism and crimes commited in the name of islam crimes carried out for maximum media effcet (beheadings, hangings, suicide bombings, ...) is complicit in the spread of radical islam throughout the world

bijan damneshmand

Its worth considering BBC's role in manipulating UK relationship with Hamas & PA

1. UK & US Democrats Reaching Out to Hamas April May 2007

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world...ast/ 6528875.stm

http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/ 2...Brotherhood.php

http://www.americanthinker.com/ 2...m_brotherh.html

2. the longstanding connections between the British FO, the BBC and the Muslim Brotherhood (which operates in Palestine Under the Banner of Hamas).

History of Covert US/UK Support For the Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas

http://www.antiwar.com/orig/onei...? articleid=9615

3. Alistair Crooke, MI6 & Hamas


http://www.terrorism-info.org.il..._05/ tran_eu.htm

4. Hamas & Alan Johnston = "Old Friends"

http://news.independent.co.uk/ wo...icle2588947.ece

http://www.presstv.ir/ detail.asp...ionid=351020202

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