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Yet Another Anon

And, McCain adds, an organization of democracies could pressure tyrants "with or without Moscow's and Beijing's approval"
Such an organisation would also leave out quite a few British and US allies while keeping in some who while perhaps not enemies at this moment (such as France for example) certainly over the years haven't seen eye to eye on many things.

I think Coalitions of the Willing are the best way to go about these things and scrap the UN Security Council while retaining many other international organisations, the UN Security Council was a fix during the Cold War.


Yet another Anon:

Which of these allies has any real power? We don't depend on Saudi Arabia, for example, for troops. You may be right, but at the moment I don't see it.


The is a horrible idea it will destroy the U.N. not help it.

Only countries that listen to his rules will be allowed to join... what is United about that?


Have you all lost it? What's to stop a world dictator from taking control? Do you for a minute think that the President of this 'League' will be chosen by citizens of democratic countries? For instance is the head of the IMF chosen by world citizens?
Please wake up to the fact that the use of the Patriot Act was a way of instilling fear and subjugating citizens to contrived 'terrorist' activities and that a League of Democracies is yet another way of controlling world citizens. Do you really believe that a true democracy exists somewhere in the world today? If it does it's certainly not in Europe nor in the Americas.
Our best chance is to form a "League of Brave World Citizens" from all nations without the power elite's fingers in the formula.


it sounds good, but my guess is that is wont work out the way its supposed to, and it definitely is a move agaisnt china. not that pressure in the form of exclusion is a bad idea, just wondering how 1.3 billion people will take this insult.

Adam Roberts

But doesn't this thing already exist? Can't remember what it's called, but it is definitely out there. It's just a case of emphasising the authority that's already there (unless that other thing is horribly corrupt and bureaucratic too... in which case, go McCain!)

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