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I am sure Her Royal Highness spoke in English, and that therefore she thanked them for the "defence" of Europe rather than its defense.

I am pleased she did use the phrase "War on Terror" - top marks to the FCO.

Interesting that Bush overcame his dislike of formal dress. More respect for his dining companions than Brown hitherto?

Patsy Sergeant

God save our gracious Queen. And thank you to her for all her hard work over the years!!


The correct title of address to our Monarch is Your Majesty - Royal Highness is reserved for Princes(s) and others of that level.

God bless you Ma'am.


Our monarchy is perhaps the greatest ambassador for this for this country worldwide, in particular Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. We owe them our thanks for their contribution towards the high regard in which our country is held.

A D Osborne

This is a very good example of why a republican government may be right for the USA but for us we must do all we can to preserve the Monarchy.


Thank you, Oddball. Of course - how very embarrassing. I think I must have been totally put off by that American spelling.


Thank goodness the Queen hasn't been affected by Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).

John Hayward, The Difference

As I observe in The American Dream, I suspect the Queen's words sound as much a warning over the state of as a celebration of our two countries' special relationship.


As I observe in the same Brit authored web site its just one more 'conservative' Lefty with tunnel vision, blaming your own sordid prejudice and 'bad reputation' on 2 men: Blair and Bush. Nothing new there, just the same ole scapegoatism: pathetic denial and passing of the blame. His 1 link, "special relationship" says a lot more.

But to the contrary, Walt who is an American has comments that are right on, especially (what do ya know) concerning America.


Welcome to America Liz! *winks*

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