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Peter  Franklin

Like you're not jealous, Tim!


That's a LCD, and not a terribly big one - modern 37" LCDs often have similar power consumption to smaller, traditional 32" CRTs (both around 200W). It's just plasmas that are really bad, 400-500W quite often.

Now, back to watching CNN on my 55".... (only 200W though, LCoS!)

Conservative Homer

Ahh, but apparently he buys carbon credits too offset this. (rather conveniently from his own company, apparently). Actually, i dont know to what extent he is 'green/media savvy' or not, or that its worth knowing, much of the measurements being ambugious.


Don't forget he's still a rock star and prophet. We don't have to care what he does, just what he says.

Matt Davis

The man is a hypocritical patrician twat, just like so many from the left when it comes to the climate change debate.


Steevo, LOL! :-D

Matt, absolutely.

John Waine

That's all very well - but the idiots who buy into Gore's nonsense are still in the ascendent. Any scientist - however eminent and respected - who dares to question it is just ignored. Why, oh why, isn't the Tory Party offering the sane, common-sense alternative? That is: of course we need to do whatever we REASONABLY can to conserve precious (and finite) resources; but let's accept that global warming is probably a perfectly natural phenomenon, about which we can do b***** all, and stop beating ourselves up about CO2, recycling, etc.


"the idiots who buy into Gore's nonsense are still in the ascendent" - what you mean like those crazy pinko's at the Royal Society?


The reason most anti-GW commentators are ignored is precisely because they aren't scientists. They're usually either outright swivel-eyed loons like Viscount whatshisface, or in some other field entirely (like Bjorn Lomborg, a politics professor).

Gore does green issues no help at all by making such a media frenzy of it, but ignoring blatant scientific consensus because of that is just daft.



I take it you are a GW scientist? The reason most GW scientists my be ignored is bvecause, as is usual with those who have no real solutions to the worlds problems. the GW crowd have sucked up the media and politicians into their fantasy.

The truth is slowly getting out and Gore's hypocrisy will help.

When it dawns on the average man in the street that the only way to satisfy the GW requirements is to go back to pre industrialised conditions the rage will be enormous.


Al Gore is rich because God looked on his father with favour and sent Armand Hammer to be a fairy godmother.

If he is rich it means he can do anything that ordinary people cannot.

Rich people can consume as much as they can afford and the rest of us must economise. That is life.

Chris D. Kelly

Look at the state of Al's desk -- completely chaotic!


"the idiots who buy into Gore's nonsense are still in the ascendent" - what you mean like those crazy pinko's at the Royal Society?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don't have to be a "denier" to question Al Gore. The inconvenient truth is that Al Gore is exaggerating the damage done by Global Warming, and has no answers to the problem. He is indulging in tabloid scare mongering, that has very little to do with the underlying science.

The reason why conservatives need a plan for global warming, is that otherwise the capitalist hating, freedom loathing lefties will just use it as an excuse to force their statist fantasies on us.

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