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How is he fiscally conservative?

Brownback supporter

Let Bloomberg run. His social liberalism and left wing drawl will only attract left wing voters, splitting the Democrats' vote. This way a true conservative can win in 08, hopefully someone like Sam Brownback, Newt Gingrich or Fred Thompson.


If Bloomberg stands he is a fool. He will lose, end of story.

James Hellyer

The message of this story is start putting your money on Fred Dalton Thompson to be the next President.

Bloomberg is a lifelong Democrat who only ever ran for the Republican nomination in NYC because he knew he'd never get on the Democrat ticket. As such, his politics is more likely to appeal to Democrats, and his candidacy can only help the Republicans.




Bloomberg can call himself Democrat, Republican, or Independent; but, he has always been a liberal Democrat.

Ralph Nader recently hinted he may make another run in '08 also.

Maybe they should be on the same ticket. LOL!

I don't think many would vote for either because neither has a snowball's chance of winning and it is either a 'wasted vote' or simply a 'political statement vote'.


Frogg, a vote for that ticket will not be waisted ;-)


Most Americans (except New Yorkers) don't know anything about Bloomberg. He will not garner any support from conservatives. I don't think he would appeal to independents much.

Run, Bloomberg, Run

I haven't decided which Republican candidate I would support yet (way too soon). I like all the top tier candidates, each one for different reasons.

I will say this about Fred Thompson....he will have no illusions what it will mean to be up against Hillary:

What Fred Thomson Knows About Hillary


I agree about conservatives not voting for Bloomberg and I hope that will apply for most libertarians too. Independents from what I've seen are not so 'independent', but more like going with the wind for a middle-ground change. Its possible simply running on an Independent ticket may appeal to a lot of these folks.

I think what's implicit here is if Bloomberg and Nadar run even on different tickets, combined they may pull a Ross Perot of sorts only with the opposite effect and spoil the Dems' chances, if its close.

I really haven't decided which Republican I would support either but with the exception of Ron Paul I will vote for any of them over the Democrat.


Not so sure about Bloomberg taking Democratic votes. The Democrats core is around 38%, the Republicans 30% (the people who'll vote for any candidate with the right rosette). If I were a Republican I'd be worried.

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