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Malcolm I give my sources each time. Lance Price who worked with Blair in Downing St - and also Leon Brittan says that Blair is more concerend to keep in with Murdoch than negotiate deals which are the UK's interest. It is you who is not sane if I may say so, for ignoring such important sources and preferring your own notions, placed in your mind by those who don't want you to know.

Kevin Sampson - not really. The USA should have changed its pitch on the EU when the Berlin wall came down. In its own interests. The US does not understand that the EU is not the UN - a talking shop with limited military significance. The EU will become a power bloc of Soviet proportions in time, and you will regret that you didn't do something to stop it while you could.

If the US doesn't get it now, they never will. As most Europeans don't really understand what's going on, I'm not surprised that Americans are even more baffled.

Kevin Sampson

“The EU will become a power bloc of Soviet proportions in time, and you will regret that you didn't do something to stop it while you could.”

Not unless Europe radically curtails its welfare-state expenditures, which I don’t believe will ever happen unless and until all the predictions about Eurabia come to pass. But at any rate, what would you have us do? A large minority, if not a majority, of Europe already believes we are the greatest threat to peace in the world. They see everything we do through this prism. Any attempt to influence the EU would be seen as either a) another instance of American stupidity or b) another instance of American malevolence. In my opinion, any such attempt would be counter-productive. This time your on your own.


It would be interesting to see Winston Churchill's vision come to pass, that Americans and Britons could move freely between each other's lands and buy property and work with little or no restriction. Why not? No need to give up sovereignty.


Bundyfan: because Londonistan is breeding Richard Reids, and until Britain does something about radical Islam in its own midst, we can't have unrestricted immigration from there (as much as I look forward to that day in the future).


Well and I suppose we need to fix our own little immigrations problems. Point taken.


Hey "anti-taliban" ever hear 'bout taxation without representation? I say our UK brothers don't get to vote! As far as who started colonies, I think my dutch ancestors might have a disagreement with you!


Personally, I like bundyfan's idea. After all, isn't one aspect of the "special relationship"--which I for one believe exists--reminding each other of the values we do not share with Europe?America's "European" heritage was through Britain, after all, and later immigration hasn't really changed that. The English-speaking countries should stick together:)


If a Brit tells me to worry about the EU, I will certainly listen. US bravado wrt the EU seems misplaced to me when we are so far in national debt that we will never get out. The band is playing, but the Titanic is going down. But, our good buddies the Chinese are floating the dollar. When will that end? Obviously at the worst possible time. The Germans are still German, and they might still have an axe to grind, and with the rest of Europe with them, what could stop them? Nothing, except themselves, and the Muslims. It is a weird time to be alive. The short of it is, the world looks like several catastrophes waiting to happen, but which will happen first? I hope that, regardless of what happens, the English speaking nations will stick together. When Blair stood with the US on Iraq, it did me a world of good. The sniping back and forth between the Brits and us these days befuddles me.


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