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Obviously Fred is trying to back door the amnesty bill. He has surrounded himself with people llike Matlin, Cheney, Carville, Rove, Griffen. He is holding back annoucing until after 7/4. Is it a coinscidence that 7/4 is also the same time frame for getting the bill signed> I think not.

He is a extremely dishonest.

This guy is getting paid to campaign from ABC.


Why is Fred allowed to be paid by ABC to campaign? What about the equal time? When do all the other candidates get the same opportunity?

Obviously the guy thinks the American people are fools and wont be the wiser to all his underhanded tactics.

He is nothing more than a puppet of Roves and if he manages to fool the GOP primary voters into giving him the nomination, the GOP will get creamed in the general.

If Fred Thompson wins the nomination, I will immediately go out and register as an independent. I can not in good conscience vote for a completly inept and dishonest candidate. There is too much at stake.


Are you a RonPauler? Who do you want to win the nomination?

Big deal so he's broadcasting on ABC radio. Are Larry Elder, Sean Hannity and... LOL Mark Levin on the take with the libs? You're talking about dishonesty?

And as far as the people he's "surrounding" himself with, are you claiming James Carville as one of them? If so, prove it. As far as the others, so what.


It seems the RonPaulites have switched strategies from spamming polls to systematically spreading the Fred Thompson == NeoCon meme.

Thing is, that's not an authentic libertarian response, it gives some credence the the thought that the libertarians have been subborned by the Left.

Blah Boy

I like Fred Thompson. I like his wife too. Of all the potential first wives.. and first husbands (Hi Bill!) she is simply hot. Barak's wife isn't too bad either, but she just doesn't hold a candle to Mrs. Thompson.

I figure as the first lady has a lot of influence in fashion and all... American women in general will try and be hotter that they are now. That truely affects the quality of my life.

I just like pretty women. Vote for Fred!


geekWithA.45: I think you nailed it: certain segments of the libertarian movement have become - and they may not even see it - de facto leftists, and are now playing a kind of useful idiot role. Sad.


"He is nothing more than a puppet of Roves and if he manages to fool the GOP primary voters into giving him the nomination, the GOP will get creamed in the general."

Yeah right. moveon.

Blah Boy

- ps - sorry but Ron Paul's wife is downright dumpy looking.

Granddaddy Long Legs

"What about the equal time? When do all the other candidates get the same opportunity?"

Um, networks and news stations don't have to give equal time. Fairness Doctrine regulations ended in 1987.


Fred Thompson is his own man and caters to no one. Everyone will find that out when he announces. Fred has said that the immigration bill should be scrapped -- secure the borders -- enforce the laws on the books now, and SECURE THE BORDERS!

Fred has a contract with ABC to do daily commentaries, which is what he does very well.

Fred is a true statesman, and he will not be dissuaded by the "garbage and filth" you spew. Your comments show lack of character, and regard for human decency.

Fred Thompson in '08
"Giving A Voice to America"


Shelbysbest, if FDT expects a coronation (i.e. not conducting a retail campaign, not subjecting himself to the vetting process, not detailing a policy platform), he's in for a shock. His southern accent may be enough for the Southerners, but it's not enough for the rest of us in the North, Midwest, and West.

Have you seen him in the interviews? How embarrassing. He's going to be destroyed in the debates--that is, if he's not too arrogant to skip any more of them.


Fred Thompson sure is making a lot of you people nervous. That's because he is a rarity in politics. An honest man, who says what he means and means what he says. A true conservative. He hasn't announced yet, and he's number one in the polls. Just wait. It will only get better.


GinnyD, he makes me nervous not because I doubt he's conservative, but rather because the man hasn't accomplished anything significant in his life. He's our own Obama--an inexperienced cipher who is promoted by the media as a superstar.

He accomplished nothing in the Senate and he's never held an executive position. He admitted on Leno that he's not very interested in the Presidency. Guess what, folks: it's his ultra-ambitious wife that is driving this candidacy. Bad enough that FDT is the conservative Obama. Are we ready for the conservative Hillary Clinton?


Whoa, the sad thing is that I'm a conservative (more specifically, a Neoconservative). I want a conservative to win so we can continue the war on terror, but FDT's not the man to do it. I prefer Romney with Giuliani as a close second, but I get the feeling that the Southerners aren't satisfied with only having 4 of the last 8 Presidencies, and want to inflict another Southerner on us. It almost makes me want to vote Democrat.


Whoa, I have to admit, HRC's refusal to apologize for voting for the war gives me hope. Whereas with FDT, I have no idea what to expect.


Guys, we could do without all the demeaning talk about women. It's more useful, especially for the non-American readers, if we focus on the politics and character of these individuals instead.




Apparently, it's okay for the opposition to show their ignorance about the physical changes that occur during a woman's pregnancy. If you were to check the dates of the pictures of Jeri Thompson that are being referred to, you would find that indeed the case is she was pregnant at the time.

But then again, it must be alright to make sleazy comments about a pregnant woman....

Tommy Oliver

Ah, it seems like I've found my old friend JF at a new board. Funnily, I remember you hating Rudy only weeks ago. To the people complaining about Thompson's wife, go look at yourselves in the mirror, you're either jeolous or offended by someone else's attractiveness (comments on how somebody looks are really unnecessary).

JF, Have you really decided to team up with the Rudy supporters now? That's surprising, since I remember some different views you held not very long ago. Do you now want to team with the Rudy guys and take down FDT together? Nice to see you still are consistent in your arguments, though. I am glad you're not supporting some of the derogatory comments about women, which is something that can be hurtful to many readers. However, if Thompson gets his message across in forums like this, even if you agree with his message, are you still going to bash him? You seem more threatened now than you were last time we spoke. By the way, we miss you over at R408.



Hillary will not allow republicans to define her to the American people????????

Please Hillary has defined herself to the American people for the last 15 years. that is why almost 50% of the public hate her guts. It's not a dislike its a hate. Think of the hate from the left for Bush and times it by 10 and you get the picture. Hillary has no chance of changing those views. None whatsoever. Now can she when with 50% of the AMerican people hating her? Yes but only with a third party. That is why Bloomberg will join. When Rudy was the leader a Bloomberg run would have worked for Hillary. It would have allowed the Northeast to stay in the hands of the dems. Now with Fred it would do nothing.


Tommy, Kavon banned me in a fit of rage for destroying one of his arguments (he artfully deleted my comment and implied that I used racist language). I still occasionally read the site, though. Too bad Kavon seems to have banned Republius as well.

As for my stance on FDT: He could easily be my favorite, but he hasn't provided much in the way of substance yet. If he goes into a debate swinging, engages in retail politics, subjects himself to media scrutiny, etc. I think I could learn to like him. But so far, he has given no indication of wanting to participate in any of those things. Is it arrogance? Is it fear? Who knows.

My preference for Giuliani over FDT derives from his experience. I don't agree with everything he's done or believes, but on the things on which I do agree, he has successfully executed his vision. For FDT, I agree with most of what he says (the major, major exceptions being tort reform and CFR), but what indication do I have that he has the ability to execute? I have to take him on his word, and I'm not comfortable with that. One burned (GWB), twice shy, as they say.

Finally, regarding your sense that I feel more threatened by him: perhaps you're right. I am concerned about his rise in the polls without even declaring, which I think is bad for the GOP and bad for the country. A vetted FDT is an FDT I can vote for, but a King FDT is not one I can support.

Tommy Oliver

"who dresses like a slut and is a known political hack you have a rude awakening coming. She looks like his daughter and it is offensive to women."

Great to see some brilliant analysis by proud, freedom loving patriots. What qualifies someone as a slut to you Hillary supporters? It sounds more like a catfight, from the way you describe it.

JF, What in the world did you say? Good grief, you did get Kavon mad. My only observation on your opposition to FDT is that he really can't do much to win you over. You're right that he doesn't have the Government Executive experience that the other candidates have, but neither does Brownback, and I remember that you liked him considerably in the past. You might want to read this here:



Fred is better than warm milk for those sleepless nights. Some here realize that Fred is the media sock puppet now that McCain has destroyed his creds on the border issue. Fred didn't do squat as a senator, but he did vote yes on McCain/Feingold.
I guess he wasn't a conservative then, just an elitist. Today on the radio, someone said that Fred is still on top because he didn't do any debates, so we are not bored to death by him. (yet)


Tommy, I don't remember the exact comment, but it was something along the lines of "if social conservatives were to oppose Romney because of doubts over his sincerity, that would be valid. But Evangelical groups going after Romney because of his religion is not valid. If you don't believe Romney's religion is problematic, you should be more careful with your wording. However, since you chose to say that Evangelicals will attack Romney, and not social conservatives, that betrays a strain of bigotry."

Just my usual attack on bigotry, nothing you haven't seen before (I think you've seen enough of my posts to know the general tone I take, and I believe I have been moderate). But it was this particular distinction between Evangelicals and the broader social conservative movement that appears to have put Kavon over the edge. Evangelical supremacism, perhaps?

As for having supported Brownback in the past, I don't remember doing so--are you sure you haven't mixed me up with someone else? That said, some of our best presidents have lacked executive experience as well. I wouldn't disqualify him simply because of that alone.

Right now, the best way for FDT to convince me and those like me is to show some fire in the belly. FDT supporters complain about the "lazy" theme put out by the media, but it hardly does anything to combat that perception for FDT to stretch out this "will he, won't he" phase for months, appear on Leno to say he doesn't covet the Presidency, and give hints about running a "different kind of campaign" combined with comments about "not trudging through the snow."

As I said above, so far: no retail campaigning, no vetting, no detailed policy platform. He gets a pass on the latter element because none of the candidates have really gotten to that stage, but the first two are red flags.

So what should he do? He's got to show more passion. Passivity is not a characteristic usually associated with the Presidency. Get in the game. Fight the good fight, rally the base, give us a vision.


JF there has been expressed concern with flip-flop Romney amongst ultra- social conservatives even if not from you. And what has he accomplished that's truly noteworthy? He did pass a low income insurance plan with Ted Kennedy's blessing.

I'd like to see Thompson's votes in his 2 terms in the Senate... that's what really matters, right? What else do you mean by accomplishment? And I'd rather someone without 'executive' experience but insteand someone with the integrety to leave office after such stay, being one of the rare non-politician politicians who honor's term limits. Apparently that doesn't mean anything to you a 'value' voter. Haven't heard he's in it now because of his wife either, unless he's only been serious with Leno? You'll have to explain how much that discussion really means to you.

"Whoa, I have to admit, HRC's refusal to apologize for voting for the war gives me hope. Whereas with FDT, I have no idea what to expect." Care to elaborate?

Tommy Oliver

Good post. I bet I got your comments confused with JL. Yes, you always stood up against bigotry. I haven't talked to Kavon about that instance, and he is a friend of mine (I'm now a front page contributer), but I try to stay out of the personal spats. Anyways, don't worry, Thompson has been getting vetted for the last week, pretty seriously. There are negative articles out there right now, 2 in Newsweek, and all over the internet. Heck, I just recieved a letter from the Democratic National Committee focusing exclusively on him (somehow, i'm on their mailing list). Thompson has been out on the campaign trail, just read the papers. In MO last Friday, heck, I can barely keep up with him! Nice talking to ya, I had wondered where you'd been.

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