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Steevo, the short version of Romney's accomplishments: he created and ran Bain Capital, one of the largest and most profitable private equity firms, for twenty years. He saved the Salt Lake City Olympics (turning a deficit into a several hundred million dollar profit) and secured it months after September 11. As governor, in the most liberal state in the country, he turned the budget deficit into a surplus without raising taxes and instituted a model conservative solution to the looming healthcare problem. There are several sites where you can get a more detailed argument for Romney's candidacy, probably the place to start is mymanmitt.com.

Now for Thompson. Besides helping pass campaign finance reform (which eviscerated GOP fundraising efforts even as it gave rise to MoveOn.org and other liberal 527s), what else did FDT accomplish during his time there? I can't find anything, and I doubt you can, either; is it not telling that when he was asked what his greatest accomplishment was as Senator, he replied "leaving Washington"? Going to Washington to accomplish nothing for eight years doesn't impress me, although perhaps it's enough for you to elect him President.

His conversation with Leno is meaningful to me only in that he couldn't articulate why he wanted to run for President. Indeed, he indicated he's hardly interested in the Presidency. As a line executive, when I interview someone and they can't answer the question, "why do you want to work for this company?" I cannot hire that person. It shows lack of seriousness, lack of preparation, lack of discipline. Why should running for President be any different?

HRC refused to apologize for voting to authorize the Iraq war. That indicates to me that at the very least, she won't discount the possibility of using force to accomplish American aims, in contrast to her eager-to-surrender rivals for the Democratic nomination. She's standing up to the radical left in doing so, which is admirable in a primary contest.

President Obama would be a disaster. President Edwards would be an abomination. But I believe we could survive another President Clinton, and there's even an outside chance she could be a good President.


What a horrendous tragedy it is that there are those here, claiming to be educated voters,who viciously attack others in such baseness. I have no quarrel with the wise voters who "knows" his candidates well, and who has done his homework before choosing the very best candidate he/she can, to lead our fine country America into the future.Not everyone needs to agree with me, but there is a fine word tolerance, which is unknown today with those who dwell in ugliness. There is no place in our civilized society for the ugly, illiterate,and gross trash I have read here today:it seems you aren't bright enough to realize that it reflects back on YOU and YOUR candidate and party, not on the one who is attacked so viciously. You are, to put in nicely "among the many bozos who spout venom, and will be ignored" and will be lost in the dismal weeds of mankind. To those who bash: Let go of your FEAR, smile, it's a wonderful world IF you can just let it be!!! "GO FRED GO"!!!!


I think you've been unduly sarcastic and simplistic presuming negative judgment. I also didn't see his conversation with Leno but I think you're eager to read too much into it.

I take not coveting the Presidency as a positive trait, like with George Washington. I also don't think an announcement is a big deal at this point; the others have been accused of entering too early and in historical context that's true. He's not a politician's politician and yes that does impress me. Really, like many in the founding era who had no love and maybe even conception of the 'career politician'. At least today's.

Just to clarify, I'm not against Romney, I like him better as time goes on. Thanks for bringing up some of his achievements. He is not without controversy tho even amongst social conservatives.

And geese Hillary has problems with honesty and hypocrisy big time. She's 100% calculating. I don't believe, to reach the larger moderate voter base, she felt she had any choice. I don't believe she cares at all about our efforts in Iraq except to exploit it the best possible for her future. And an outside chance for her to be a good president? She's a Socialist at heart JF.


Steevo, valid points. I'm not prepared to compare FDT to Washington, but Washington's hesitance can at least be attributed in part to the fact that he was the first. Literally, no one knew what it was like to be President, what it would entail. The country is vastly larger and more complicated today, and it may sound cruel for me to say, but I'm not sure FDT knows what is involved in running the country. This manifests itself in two ways: he hasn't been thinking about this for a long time, and his disparaging remarks about the Senate seem to imply that he isn't interested in the administrivia of the Presidency. He can prove me wrong by articulating his vision and answering the questions of "why do I want to be President and why would I make a good President," but he hasn't done so yet. His answer to Leno of "there are some things I want to do that only a President can do" just doesn't cut it, I think you would agree.

Also, just to clarify my own position: I am not a social conservative. I agree with social conservatives on some issues, but not all. For example, I believe in the right to bear arms, but not without some reasonable restrictions--I'm not sure why an individual would need a heavy machine gun or a howitzer. I believe in unrestricted abortion in the first trimester because I believe that's practical (people are used to it, and before Roe v. Wade we had backroom abortions and wire hangars. No thanks), but I am adamantly opposed to abortions after the first trimester. I take a hard line against illegal immigration, but I believe we should vastly expand legal immigration for educated and highly skilled workers. Etc.

I think FDT aligns with me on most of my issues, but agreeing is one thing, executing is another. Maybe he'll get tired of the Presidency after a term like he did with the Senate (by his own admission).

Finally, with HRC: I agree with you that she is calculated in her positions, and for that reason, I don't know what she believes. But looking long term, a Clinton presidency would greatly revitalize the conservative movement, as it did in 1992-1993. I would be willing to withdraw from this battlefield to win the war, and I think HRC would help us do that. There might be some short term damage, but I think she won't be as radical as many think, and a revived GOP would soon be able to block her.


I don't compare him to Washington as a whole, they're different men in different eras. Washington didn't seek the office, in part, because he did not want the honor or glory. That's obvious as some even wanted him the new king.

It doesn't sound cruel if you're not sure if Thompson can handle the job. I'm not sure either. But compared with what we have I'm glad he's there and I hope he becomes completely committed as I'd like another choice if possible.

There is a lot to be disparaging about the Senate :-) I just don't take his sentiments like you. I think its good he doesn't suck up to old-time colleagues and/or the system.

I do know what Hillary believes and I don't care if I appear presumptive. She is a Globalist and Socialist because she's in it for the glory: prestige and power. Adoration and reverence, just like her husband. I really don't believe she has any true core values, as you and I. And frankly, I have serious doubts we could turn the clock back if she came to power.

Thanks for explaining yourself on some important social issues. On those, we're the same.


Fred Thompson has no authority to go over to London and make statements about our policy with Iran. He is a private citizen just like you or I except he has spent the last several years of his life kissing the ass of of the hollywood elite. It would seem Fred is going to take a dive in the general and hand to the election over to Hillary!!



Out of curiosity, for all of the people who use the "Run, Fred, Run!" slogan: are you intentionally evoking Forrest Gump, or is that unintentional? If it's intentional, why?


You are astute. I do believe that's quite intentional: a deliberate appeal to choice. Counterbalance, to the slick smile and perfect blow-dried Romney.


Wow, could be a Forrest Gump thing but based on some of the comments it appears Ron Paul spammers are at it again.



This is the guy to bring back reagan values. He is a smart man was a good senator which means he was there long enough to effect a little change and leave, not try to stay as long as he can to get as much power as he can. It is time for Conservatives to take the republican party back. Liberls have screwed us and will continue to screw us because they think that they are going to get hispanic votes... how stupid can they really be?


FTDive for Hillary,

Don't remember Fred stating our current National Policy, unlike your friend NancyP. Free speech and opinion are welcome. Why don't you do your homework before you display your stupidity... Have a nice day. Great speech Fred!!!!


At first I was hesitant to post anything here, but, after reading some of the post (Whoa) it became obvious that there is not IQ or honesty requirement at all. You apparently don't even have to be cogent.

So I'll just say, Fred Thompson is the first and only candidate I've seen thus far that speaks his mind and articulates his view clearly and most importantly, in such a way that one can clearly see that it is principle and love of country that drives him and not sound bites for activist or special interest groups. He clearly know most of the positions he has chosen to take are difficult to explain and defend, and that he will be starting from the minority, and justifying to the majority. This is not the trend of someone who is looking to pander their way to the white house. This is the way of a leader.


to "whoa"

Those are libelous comments about "swinging" and "boob jobs". I checked what the other poster here said, and those pictures were taken when she was several months pregnant. Women do get body changes when the get pregnant, since you seem to be so stupid as to no know that.

And you like to get sued? Your IP and the RADIUS logs tell who you are and what address you live at if someone wants to follow up your remarks.

Printing lies is beneath contempt, especially attacking a man's wife.

Stick to the issues. For me, its abortion and the second amendment, and Guiliani is way wrong on that - he's a fake if he claims to be Catholic. And Romney is just too fake with his very recent vehement defenses of "the right to choose" only 2 years ago in 2005 (its on video, go google it).

Hunter seems to be the best of all the candidates, its a shame he isn't getting any attention, unlike the nutcase Ru Paul.


I love it!

You can smell the fear coming out of the LLL's such as whoa and tin foil hat wearing idiotarians such as that "republicans against fred". They, along with the DNC, know that it is game over if Fred runs.

Memo to whoa:

I would vote for Fred. I am a centrist. My sister would vote for Fred and she is an anti abortion Lutheran. My best friend would vote for Fred and she is a pedigree California Democrat who has never voted for a Republican.

None of us are in the least bit concerned about Mrs. Thompson. In fact we all find it funny that people like you two are for it shows just how frightened you are.


To FredTakesaDiveForHillary-

He is perfectly free to go to London, or wherever and express his opinions. He is not purporting to speak officially for the United States. No Logan act violation.
Get a clue.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Damn, he was in London and I didn't know. Here is another good interview with Fred.

Da Coyote

Hmmm...Let's see:

On the left we have a socialist junior senator trying to get by on her gender, a junior senator trying to get by on his skin color, and POSSIBLY a former Vice President trying to get by on global warming.

On the right we have a cross-dressing pro-abortionist, a supporter of "universal healthcare", and the guy that brought us both unconstitutional campaign finance law and the worst immigration bill in history.


No room for a conservative federalist this time around.

Nope. Guess we'd better just turn things over to President Peron- I mean Clinton and be done with it.

Besides, Fred won't play the game properly! He's supposed to get elected first, AND THEN chase girls a quarter century his junior.


I cannot believe you would think that American women vote against a person solely because their wife has had a boob job! We are not that shallow, sorry. We don't vote against Hilalry because of the way she looks. We vote against her because of what she stands for. She is dishonest about real issues. Is who drove a red truck really that important to you and how you vote? Please, just don't vote.


Fred is in favour of a stable Iraq is he? Wonderful, but who's in favour of an unstable Iraq? How does he intend to stabilise Iraq - seeing as we've not had much luck at it in the past 4 years?


What a hoot. Whoa nellie and other sob sisters taking shots at FDT. He must have them scared s...less.

FTD has no executive experience - neither do Hillary, Barry, or John.

All sorts of personal attacks and innuendos.

An old saying about knowing a person by who their enemies are, seems to be right on target. Whoa nellie really has its shorts in a knot.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Besides, Fred won't play the game properly! He's supposed to get elected first, AND THEN chase girls a quarter century his junior.

You mean like you are supposed to wait until you are a rock star before marrying the famous comedy actress?

I didn't wait either. Fred has an attractive wife that supports his run for President. This is a bad thing why?


Andrew Ian Dodge, it's not a bad thing, per se. I am a little uncomfortable with FDT's marriage to someone who hadn't yet been born when he graduated from law school, but that's his right and his business. It doesn't disqualify him from holding the office, clearly.

What concerns me is that his wife is known as an experienced and ambitious politico, whereas FDT is not perceived as such. FDT's generally retiring nature and his rather drawn-out pre-campaign give the sense that it is not he, but rather his wife, who wants this Presidency.

Mike's America

Wow! This crowd certainly did seem to smoke out the Ron Paulbots!

Funny how easy that is to do. Most of them claim to be the "real conservatives" or republicans.

But scratch beneath their thin veneer and you'll find that nearly every one of them has never done anything to support a viable, serious candidate OR the Republican Party or conservative movement.

They're all following the latest fad candidacy and as soon as their guy, like Ron Paul, is exposed as loon they get mad and go home.

Well just go home now and spare us these transparent lies about who you are and who Ron Paul or Fred Thompson is.

It's too soon for me to say Fred is my man. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with my endorsing the phrase "Run Fred Run!"

He'll shake up what has looked so far to be a rather unappealing set of choices and make for an interesting debate.

And there is certainly nothing about Fred that will drive voters into the hands of Hillary.

P.S. I guess the meeting with Thatcher was private, so no published photos? Darn, I miss seeing Lady Thatcher. I did post a photo of her from the Falklands Anniversary Parade:



hey, check out http://www.pardonlibby.net


JF, do you have a problem with Southerners in general or just the ones who were President? And if you are tempted to vote Democrat, don't forget, you can't pick John Edwards. He's also a Southerner.

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