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Im a die-hard member of the Republican Party, and shall be voting for our nominee, but let me tell you, after this President, the Republicans do NOT deserve to win. going into this race, I think the dems have a 70% chance of winning

Roger Helmer

If George W. Bush had a failing, it was that he wasn't conservative enough.


What experience does Hillary actual have? A failed Healthcare plan and er that's it isn't it? Am suprised by these poll results but it's still very early days. Plenty of time for Hillary to make a mistake and Guilliani to build a solid case and differentiate himself from Bush.

Yet Another Anon

The Clinton name raises her profile, just as Al Gore made up ground on George W. Bush to the point where he actually got more votes although the Republicans got a narrow majority in the Electoral College - I think that the Republicans will go for John McCain and that many Democrats will switch their support to him during the long Presidential campaign, so that even if the Democrats hold or increase their position in the Congress, I don't think Hilary Clinton will ever be US President - she's too controversial, too feminist.

Al Gore on the other hand through his 8 years as Vice-President, his time as a governor and a possible feeling by many Americans that he was very unlucky in 2000 might make him a far more formidable opponent and in a battle between him and John McCain it could go right to the wire.

Da Coyote

John McCain's campaign is going like a rocket- that is, the last part of the rocket's flight when it comes accelerating back to earth.

Right now it looks as if the Republican nomination will be an open affair next year- despite the MSM's efforts to the contrary.

The big puzzle is this: will the Republicans nominate a more centrist figure like Rudy Giuliani (known also as a "RINO") in hopes of pulling Dem and Indy voters in the fall, or will they nominate a more conservative candidate that will please the base but risk losing the Indy vote in the general election?

From what I'm seeing, the left side (not the FAR left side like MoveOn.org, just the left side) seems to be enamored with Rudy Giuliani even though he is an evil Republican. I think maybe they realize that the 'Surrender at all costs' Democrats that are running are not what they want in the WH but they don't want a conservative in there either. Rudy gives them a chance to vote for the "strong" Democrat candidate that isn't running.

I've also heard a number of Blue Dogs (conservative Democrats) have made some positive comments about my man Fred Thompson. Some of us on the right side are looking at the possibility of drawing the Zell Miller Democrats in the general election since the Dem ticket seems to be pushing diversity more than substance. The fact that the leading Democrat candidate is a closet socialist also doesn't hurt that scenario.

Keep in mind though, that the Wall Street Journal is also a firm supporter of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that is vehemently hated by the Republican base. The elitists of the WSJ are all go for lower taxes and strong national defense, but when it comes to supporting the "conservative" side of the culture war they're just not interested.


Yet Another Anon, in what universe was Al Gore a governor?


American polls are a study all of their own. We even have several blogs that are devoted to nothing but analyzing these polls which are often misleading.

I wouldn't put too much into this poll. Polls that are taken with "adults" verses "likely voters" are highly inaccurate. Many of those adults they poll aren't even registered. Also, be careful of "generic polls". They give a false advantage to Dems (sometimes as much as 10 per cent).

As far as the political race goes.....relax. Most Americans aren't even paying attention to the race 18 months out.

And, the same rules apply....

A poll of "adults" rather than "likely voters" gives a multiple point advantage to the Dem candidate that isn't a reality at the voting booth.

I wouldn't pay too much attention to election polls until it gets closer to election day.

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